Bagless or Bagged Vacuum;which is better for cleaning the house?


Every house owner, no doubt is pleased whenever the house is tidy and free of debris. In fact, it is not farfetched to say that a house is at it’s best when it is tidy. Keeping an apartment at its best requires conscious effort and determination coupled with consistency. Different processes and activities go into keeping a house tidy. There is a time for dusting, mowing, cleaning, washing, the list goes on and on. Also individuals may have devoted various times to carry out this cleaning activities based on convenience and efficient timing.

A very pivotal issue to the success of house cleaning is the kind of tools used. The most ideal step you could ever take in house cleaning is using tools that are efficient for their various purposes. This makes cleaning easier and faster and relegates every possibility of frustration in the course of cleaning. The cleaning equipment that this article is written to address is the vacuum cleaner. However, it aims not at talking about what a vacuum cleaner is or what it does, but aims at enlightening you by bringing out two major types of vacuum cleaners and expatiating on which among the two is more efficient in the process of cleaning the house.

The two types of vacuum cleaners that this article aims at comparing are the bagless vacuum cleaner and the bagged vacuum cleaner. It is very necessary for you to be aware of what each type entails. When you are aware and know what you want in a vacuum cleaner then it’s all so easy for you to decide which one to go for.

With each vacuum cleaner’s features, advantages and importantly, disadvantages, it is important to note that one may not be totally superior to the other because they both have their advantages and disadvantages just like the dyson v7 vs v8.

However, this is to serve as a guide and to enlighten you on what to look for in a vacuum cleaner. Also, both vacuum cleaners posses the basic controls and accessories that every vacuum cleaner should have as well as both being able to suck in dirt from wherever they are put in use. The major difference is how such dirt is stored, which brings the differentiation; bagged or bagless.

The bagged vacuum cleaner is said to have been in existence for a long time, even before that of the bagless. A bag is attached to it and in the bag is stored every particle or debris that the vacuum cleaner sucks in. Whenever the bag is filled, it is then removed to be disposed off. That is basically how it works.

The bagged vacuum cleaner has a couple of advantages that are noteworthy and one of them is the fact that it is the best kind for people with allergy based on the fact that the bags are made in such a way that they can efficiently trap dust and various causal elements of allergic reactions. Also, the bagged vacuum cleaner makes use of a kind of filtration known as HEPA filtration to adequately deal with allergens. It is highly recommended for its hygienic advantages. It is also possible to wash the bag inside a washing machine or change it as the case may be.

Having spelt out the advantages of the best bagged vacuum cleaner, it is imperative to also state the disadvantages that come with it. An increase in expenses is a very noteworthy disadvantage, as you would have to replace the bag from time to time. Also as the bag gets filled up, the working of the vacuum cleaner gradually reduces from top quality, meaning that the bag must always be empty to an extent to achieve the best performance of the vacuum cleaner. Changing the bag from time to time might be a bit tasking and you might decide not to go for the bagged vacuum cleaner, which leads to the bagless vacuum cleaner.

The bagless vacuum cleaner was introduced a while after the bagged. It has to some extent enjoyed a warm reception from customers, probably because of the ease that it brings with it’s usage. The fact that it is easy to know when it is supposed to be emptied is an advantage this vacuum cleaner boasts of. Furthermore, it is advantageous because you don’t have to buy bags again and again to make use of it, as applicable to it’s bagged counterpart. The fact that the container of debris is quite easily accessible and not demanding in it’s handling is another major advantage of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Exposure to allergens as well as harmful bacteria is a shortcoming of the bagless vacuum cleaner. While trying to empty the chamber in which debris is stored, there is every tendency for such particles to escape in the air thereby exposing you to the possibility of allergic reactions.

Another disadvantage might be the weight of the vacuum cleaner. It is quite heavy and might be stressful in handling.

There’s absolutely no doubt that both the bagless and the bagged vacuum cleaners are with their pros and cons, but there’s no denying the fact that they are effective in ensuring your house is clean and tidy.

However, now that you know what both entail, the onus rests on you to choose which vacuum cleaner you can put up with irrespective of the revealed disadvantages. As stated earlier, there is no explicit pointer to which is better, but one thing is sure, and that’s the efficiency of both in keeping your house as tidy as possible. So, make that choice and pick that which catches your fancy more.

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