Awesome bathroom renovations in Sydney


 The is what most people call a bathroom renovation and there a “real” bathroom renovation!

Having been a bathroom fitter or “renovator” I should know what i’m talking about as over many years fitted some basic suites and some real luxury units.  The two can be a million miles from each other and there are many reasons for that.

 One of the finest international jobs I have fitted was for the UK star Kate Blanchett (Lord of the rings main star if anyone doesn’t know) for example and on that job we had to knock out the upper wall of the building, hire a huge crane and lift her new bath (solid black marble) over the roof to the back of the house, build runners from steel girders and slide it in thru the wall!  Just for one example so to speak.  So as you can imagine there is that little thing called a budget for a start as well as the size of the area you have to work with and your “vision” of what you are looking for, of course.

Once, you have an idea of the type of thing you wish to do there is a whole series of additional planning that goes into the process from there as most people can guess Kate’s job took quite a bit of that to make it all happen!  The process goes a little like this as I have listed below.

Firstly, there needs to be an initial consultation with your installers as most people will not be doing a DIY job.  Your choice of installers also reflects on your costings.  Once this is done, you should get the project proposal and initial quote.  Planning comes next including your layout, accessories and this is the stage you also need to get the legals done like any warranties, insurances and terms of the restorations intended.

Swiftly moving on, comes the planned restoration, refit and the preparation of the area to be fitted out including tiles, old units, sinks and other accessories to be removed.  The action of doing so enters into the picture and getting things done in the right order is key.  Both electricals, plumbing, (skilled trades in Sydney especially) need to be brought in and instillation has to be completed to the industry standards according to your local codes. 

Any such coatings or primers then need organising as well as waterproofing as required.  Wall tilings, floorings, tile installations should come next with great care taken at every stage to ensure the project comes together as you wish it to.  Any contentions with your wishes will be a costly mistake if not overseen correctly.  In most cases next come the units to be installed taking into account your happy with this final stage polishes and cleaning, sealing and final inspections of your new bathroom will be done.   

Bathroom and indeed renovations of same have a lot of work in them which translates into the whole costs and it’s probably going to have to last you for many years to come unless your going to sell your property and even this needs to be thought thru properly. 

If you’re a property developer, you will want to have a good, clean, modern or a traditional look to you property as you don’t a nice place with tatty bathrooms while trying to get the best asking price.   Always remember durability and life of your suit comes at a price as do most things in this life so  I hope the advice and experience in this article shines thru for you.  Have fun splashing around in Sydney!


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