Are French doors out of style in 2022?



French double doors have been known to the world for over 300 years. Earlier such models were used on small balconies, and a little later their functionality expanded. Their main feature is a large number of windows, a neat frame made of wood and a sliding system.

There is a common misconception that today only high-tech, loft or minimalist style is used in design, while french doors are out of style. Attractive appearance, modern fittings and functionality allow these models to fit in the interior of any house, because classics do not lose their relevance over the years. Especially popular are white French doors with wood trim, which you can always order on our website.

Benefits and features of double doors

Sliding French doors often have two sections, which are combined by a sliding system. This solution is ideal for the kitchen, dining room, veranda or balcony. Double doors give the room a special sophistication and charm.

The main advantages of the model:

1. High light permeability. Thanks to large panes of glass, the doors let in light and at the same time visually divide the rooms. This option is especially relevant for apartments with light colors and rooms without windows.

2. Silent opening/closing. A reliable sliding mechanism allows you to open the doors quietly. Another of its distinctive features – durability.

3. Thermal insulation of rooms. French doors do not hide what is happening behind the door. Their task is to ensure the comfort of those in the room. In the cold season, you can close such models to warm up the room and at the same time visually expand the space.

4. Noise reduction. This design perfectly protects against extraneous sounds, and therefore can be used even in the bedroom or outdoors.

Trendy French doors are the perfect solution for small apartments, where every square meter is important. Through a sliding system, the customer can significantly increase the usable area of the room and provide easy entry to the room.

Such models are characterized by low weight of the sashes, which affects the ease of opening. This point will be relevant for parents, because with such a door, the hands of a curious kid will be safe.

Most often clients stop at the white color, considering it the best choice for the apartment. We recommend using French doors as a bright accent and playing with the colors.


Will French doors be trendy and popular in the future?

The market for interior doors is changing dynamically from year to year. Manufacturers regularly invent new solutions and modernize existing models, but the classic options do not change. French doors have not lost their popularity for a long time and therefore they can be predicted to have a cloudless future. The secret of their popularity lies in their universal design and convenient construction – this is the combination that every client is looking for.

An experienced designer will help competently fit a French sliding door into any interior. Over the years, you may want to change outdated wallpaper, furniture, but not doors. Their appearance will delight you for decades!



French doors have been, are and will be! This model has won the hearts of its modern buyers and has been popular for hundreds of years.

Today, this type of door is actively used as a spectacular accent of the interior. Its functionality also deserves special attention. Features of double doors – integration to new styles and designs!

We recommend paying attention to such products for those who have small apartments and rooms in the house. This solution will be one of the best. A large pick allows to find a product that will fit into any budget.

Choosing the quality of this model begins with the selection of the manufacturer and the place of purchase. Specialists of our online store will help each client to decide on the size, type, color of doors, as well as install them in an agreed time.

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