Absolute Essentials For Keeping A Clean Home – Inside and Out

Cleaning your home, both inside and out, is easy if you invest in the right appliances and tools. Homes should be kept clean to eliminate bugs, and therefore disease and also to promote your own sense of pride. If your home is clean you’ll find it easier to relax and enjoy your free time.

Here are some top tips for getting this right…

Getting steamy

Water is an essential component of the cleaning ritual. The days of getting down on your hands and knees in order to scrub the kitchen floor have disappeared though, and steam cleaners from Homebase have replaced buckets and scrubbing brushes. These indispensable cleaning accessories make the chore of house cleaning a lot easier. It’s easy to remove stubborn stains from most household surfaces with steam, you won’t have to use any chemicals and you’ll also find that the interior of your house will soon sparkle with minimum effort.

Access all areas

No matter how large your living space inside your home, a vacuum cleaner is indispensable for eliminating dirt from soft furnishings and carpets. With today’s portable vacuums the task is even easier. It’s important to look at the space above your head as well as the ground beneath your feet when it comes to cleaning. You may have the most pristine carpet in the world, but if your ceiling is festooned with large cobwebs, then you haven’t really scratched the surface of the problem.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution to tackle less accessible areas in your home, and an article in The Daily Mirror highlights the advantages of these appliances. As cordless appliances are light to carry, you’ll never have to worry about straining your back lugging cumbersome vacuum cleaners up and down stairs again.

Ground control

Keeping the outside of your property in good condition, is as essential as keeping the interiors clean. If you were to sell your home, for example, this outside view would be the all-important first impression someone would get of your home. In order to wash down paths, decking and other surfaces, pressure washers are ideal. These appliances make the whole business of cleaning a patio or even the exterior walls of your house relatively quick and easy.

When I am cleaning windows

After engaging in a cleaning session it’s all too easy to forget to clean your windows. What’s the use of having created an immaculately clean living environment if daylight can’t penetrate your rooms, courtesy of grubby panes of glass? An article in The Daily Mail advises that vinegar and newspaper can be employed in this task and is as effective as any commercial cleansing product. Vinegar and newspaper can be used on the outside as well as on the inside but be prepared to work hard. You will have to have a good supply of scrunched up papers and plenty of energy in order to carry out this task efficiently. The end result will always be pleasing, as you will have wonderful smear-free windows through which the sun can sparkle. Alternatively, you can invest a little money in a portable window vacuum that is just as efficient and less time consuming.

Stock up

For any cleaning task you will always need to have your cupboard stocked up with a combination of dry cloths as well as cleaning wipes that can be used either dry or wet. Sponges are invaluable for cleaning sinks, baths and shower trays, and these products are useful for wiping down any stains on both interior and exterior paintwork.


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