8 Most Important Things To Consider While Buying A New Mattress


Mattress shopping is very different than the normal shopping. You spend more than one-third portion of your life sleeping mattress. Therefore, a mattress becomes more important household furniture than others. In fact, your sleep quality is highly influenced by the quality of your mattress. Hence, your should be careful while buying a mattress.

Moreover, a mattress has an average lifetime of around 8-10 years. Hence, your decision in picking the mattress is going to effect your life for a pretty long time. Besides, a mattress is among the hefty investment. Considering all these facts, you might have understood the importance of a good mattress in your life.

Prior to mattress shopping, follow here mentioned important tips to choose a mattress. Make sure to focus on your needs and purpose of the mattress rather than other luring advertisements or fake reviews. Let’s start with the important things that you should consider while buying a new mattress for you.

Find your Mattress Type

Typically, there are five basic mattress types available in the market. They are innerspring, foam, hybrid, latex, and airbeds. Each type has a different feel and level of comfort. It is advisable to have a visit at your nearest mattress store and find out how each of these mattresses feels to you. After trying them, you will understand better what type of mattress meet your body needs. Everybody is different and so is their requirements hence, concentrate on your body needs and pick one that suits you the best.

Know the Mattress Break Down Before Saying Yes To It

Mattress break down is important thing to know before buying it. The foam type and material used in the manufacturing of the mattress affect a lot on your sleep and health. Moreover, there is a mattress which is made using organic material that is more skin friendly while sleeping. However, a mattress with bad quality material makes the bed warmer during the night and troubles your breathing . Therefore, find out the mattress break down before you decide on the one.

Compare the Prices of Different Stores and Brands

Price is a very crucial factor to consider while buying a mattress. Thanks to online stores, you can compare mattress prices on multiple websites to find the lowest of all. Moreover, it gives you a fair idea to look for the mattress that falls into your budget. Also, you can filter down the search based on the prices so that you don’t end up wasting time on the over-budget mattresses. You can buy from either online or offline store. Generally, online mattresses are more affordable. You can get better quality materials selling at 20% to 30% lesser than the store’s mattress prices.

Watch Out for Online Money Saving Deals

Money saving is applied to all categories. Whether you are buying a mattress or grocery, you can save money everywhere. While buying a mattress, you can look for online mattress stores and their saving offers for customers. Moreover, don’t be afraid to ask for the discount at the customer support chat box on online or to the sells agent at the store. Also, you can always use coupons while making online payments for saving money on your shopping.

Take Trials Before Buying

Trying mattress can help you in a many ways to decide on the mattress. Most time just sitting or touching the mattress doesn’t give you the clear idea of how the mattress feels while lying on it. Therefore, it is advised to try a mattress for at least an hour so that you can find out how it feels while sleeping on it.

Enquire About Return and Refund Policy

Two important things that you should not forget at any cost. It is the return policy and refund policy as the mattress is among the long term investment. Besides, it affects your precious sleep quality therefore, consider these factors seriously. Every manufacturer offers different policy and periods. In general, many mattress companies offer at least 100 nights trial period, free return and easy refund policies for its customers.

Find the Warranty Coverage

Warranty periods is a crucial part of mattress shopping. Therefore, make sure you read the terms well and doesn’t void your warranty terms by the wrong usage. Before finalizing your purchase, give a good read at the warranty policy page as well.

Check Out for Hidden Cost

While buying mattress, you should always have detailed discussion regarding the service cost or delivery charges to save yourself from its cost. Feel free to ask the question like delivery service is up to where and if they will dispose of the old mattress for free or at a cost. Make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned.

Sum Up

A good mattress can help you to sleep better and longer. Mattress shopping is something that happens once in a decade. Usually mattress are big investments. Therefore, it is mandatory to make your mattress purchase decision wisely. Consider aforementioned tips to pick a right mattress for you.

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