6 Tips for a Better Kitchen Remodel


Your kitchen is something that you use every day, so it’s important that you pay attention to its fashion and its function. But what if you aren’t sure where to get started? If you’re serious about designing the best workspace that you can, here are just a few tips for a better kitchen remodel. 

1. Set Goals and Guidelines

What do you hope to accomplish with your remodel? Why are you doing it, and what actions can you take to bring reality in line with your visions? It’s important to have a game plan when going into a remodeling project, so whether you’re looking to increase your floor space or just improve your kitchen’s aesthetic, write it all down on a “goals” spreadsheet. 

2. Don’t Touch the Plumbing

This is one of the most common mistakes of homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens. Your sink is connected to a complicated grid of pipes, water lines and sewage systems, and your remodeling costs can double or even triple if you try to mess with the labyrinth. Leave your plumbing alone as you plan your new kitchen. Let the sink be the focal point of the room and work around it. 

3. Plan for the Future

Unless you plan on renovating your kitchen every spring, your remodel will need to accommodate your family for the next 5-10 years. Are your blueprints taking that into account? You may not need childproof cabinets right this minute, but if you plan on starting a family with your spouse, they’ll come in handy down the line. You may not care about square footage as a single homeowner, but if you meet someone through that online dating website, you might need to share the space in the future.

4. Beware Your Budget 

It’s a rare project that costs less than expected, so you can save yourself a lot of headache if you plan in advance for unexpected money matters. Get quotes on everything; collect your receipts and expense reports in a binder; put plenty of wiggle room in your budget for things like supplies, materials, deliveries and contractor costs. You’ll be glad for the cushion when you need an unexpected tool or extra day of labor.

5. Ask the Experts


Even if you’re going DIY for your remodel, there’s no shame in getting a second opinion from professional contractors or design companies. Their knowledge can help you with any questions, concerns or complaints that you may have, and their skills can help you with any finicky issues that you aren’t able to solve on your own. Reach out to the experts if you find yourself stuck on your remodel.

6. Don’t Forget the Little Things

What color is your backsplash? Can you adjust the aerator on your faucet? Do you have enough electrical outlets for all of your appliances? It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the big picture that you forget about the small touches that make a kitchen shine. Take a slow tour of the room once your remodel is finished to make sure that you haven’t neglected any design elements. 

These are just a few tips for a better kitchen remodel. For more assistance, contact a company like Evolve Kitchens. They’ll help you get started in building your dream kitchen in your dream home.

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