6 Spring Decoration Ideas To Brighten Up Your Living Space


A new season is just around the corner and with it comes the need to redecorate our houses to better welcome it.

Yes! We are definitely talking about our favourite season of the entire year; spring!

Which is why, it is time to say goodbye to the cold and freezing winter days and welcome with open arms spring with the mellow breeze, cheerful colours and breathtaking scenery.

While the outside world is getting ready to embrace spring, the inside should be all geared up as well.

We rounded up 6 spring decorating ideas that will just brighten up your houses and radiate cosiness all over the place.

1- Freshen up your walls

Paint has the power to entirely transform any room.

Which is why; a budget-friendly paint colour makeover will do wonders to freshen up your space this spring.

Make sure to choose a cheerful paint colour that goes with spring to lighten up your space and add a more welcoming feeling to it.

2- Get rid of your old curtains

If you are going to re-paint your walls, then you ought to add some new and matching curtains for that complete new look.

Make sure when buying new curtains, to invite some of the outside scenery inside your house.

This means, use floral pattern curtains with light and cheerful colours.

3- Why not buy new wallpapers


Match your curtains with your wallpaper patterns and you get yourself one entirely mesmerising transformation.

You can even do this yourself.

Just purchase removable wallpaper and do them yourself.

4- Flower it up


With spring knocking on our doors, adding colourful flowers to your house decoration will offer your space a refreshing feel.

You can go wild with your flowers choice.

Spread them all over your place, in your living room, your bedroom and even your bathroom.

Flowers have the ability to bring life into any place and invite a taste of spring right into your house.

5- Spring tabletops


A simple yet refreshing change, spring tabletops will add a colourful mood to your dining table.

Nothing opens one appetite like a welcoming dining room.

Whether it’s a floral tablecloth, candles, a basket of flowers or even colourful plates, your dining room will surely feel cosy and comfortable and above all playful.

Something that every dining room this spring should radiate.

6- Decorate your garden


Start planting your garden in preparation for spring.

You can also purchase new lawn ornaments such as wind chimes and sculptures.

And why not change your outdoor furniture that must have worn out and buy new and refreshed ones.

Add new pieces to your backyard like that swing you have always wanted or the lounge chair to lay back and enjoy the spring’s mellow breeze.

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