6 perfect presents for new home owners


Forget the new home signs and the doormats, it’s time to buy those new home owners gifts that they will come to cherish forever and add a little something extra to their new property. Here are the six perfect presents for new home owners…

1. Something personalised

People instantly want to make their home their own, so why not pick them up a personalised gift to adorn their house with? Something with a picture of the family or couple, or with their names featuring in the design will add a personal touch. Sites such as Photobox are great for this sort of gift, as they offer personalised cushions that allow you to print that fun family picture of them at the beach or a photo frame featuring their names that they can fill with their favourite image. 

2. Plant life

Plants are important in the home, they purify the air, boost your mood and are great looking in any room. Orchids are great for the bedroom as they put out oxygen at night when we sleep and in general can help deter illnesses such as colds and sore throats as they put out moisture into the atmosphere. If you know the recipient has a black thumb instead of green fingers though opt for easy to care for plants such as succulents, cacti or larger breeds like peace lilies and spider plants.

3. Something practical

Find out what the new homeowners are missing before you buy them a gift. Perhaps they need a new iron or even something bigger like a fridge. If you want to buy them something they actually need speak to them first and offer to gift them a new item for their home. Something as simple as key covers – so they can tell the back door from the front door key apart – are practical and fun gifts or some address labels that they can pop in their Christmas cards are great calls too.

4. Tools


If the homeowners you are buying for are first time buyers, they more than likely don’t have their own tool kit to pull out when the valve on the washing machine breaks or they need to hammer nails into the wall. Put together all the essential tools they’ll need when first starting out in their new home, from a hammer to a hacksaw and a tub of nails.

5. Something techy  


Do they love their tech? There are so many fun gadgets out there for the home that make great gifts for new home owners. From mini espresso machines to grace their new kitchen countertops to a sound system that plays throughout the house, there’s no end of gift options out there.  

6. Something they’d never buy for themselves

For many of us a gift is something we would never think to purchase but once we have it we can’t do without it. A cake slice marker, for example, is a fun gift that they might scratch their heads at at first but when it comes to cutting seven equal slices of birthday cake – to save Grandad from grumping about getting a small slice – a couple of months later they’ll be glad they have it!

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