5 Ways to Add Big Style to a Small Bathroom


Has your bathroom seen better days? Before you call in the professionals or submit yourself to a home makeover reality show, take these bathroom design tips into consideration.

Make an Impact With Gold Fixtures

Searching for way to make a big impact in the bathroom without a total overhaul or expensive remodeling project? Look to your bathroom fixtures. Gold hardware, whether used to play up patterned bathroom walls or to offset an all-white color scheme, can make a big impact in small bathrooms. Consider decorating your bathroom with a gold-tone sink, shower, tub and lighting fixtures for a cohesive and stylish new look.

Replace What’s Old With Something New

Cracked, stained or simply outdated shower bases and pans can be replaced with new ones to give your bathroom shower a fresh new appearance. Both shower pans and shower bases are available in a range of different sizes, varying colors and all sorts of materials so that you can choose the right item to perfectly suit your own bathroom. Choose from low-profile options that provide slip-resistant grips, or opt for a shower base that provides the convenience of a built-in seat for the ultimate in shower time comfort.


Add Style With a New Shower Curtain

A playful shower curtain can transform a boring tub or shower into a stylish oasis in just a matter of minutes. Investing in a quality shower curtain in a pattern or print that you love will make all the difference, especially in small bathroom spaces. Additionally, you will want to hang your shower curtain high, just so long as it skims the floor. Doing so will add a dramatic effect. And, consider installing a curved shower curtain rod to create more space in the shower.

Install Fabulous Flooring

The flooring in your bathroom should be durable. After all, the bathroom is a source of moisture. And with all of the water that is splashed around, you will want your floors to stand up to moisture, all while being easy to clean and maintain over time. Current bathroom flooring trends include ceramic tile, vinyl and laminate options. A popular choice for its affordability and ability to be customized, vinyl flooring options such as vinyl sheets are also easy to install. Plus, they come in a range of different patterns and designs that can complement any bathroom design. Furthermore, options such as natural stone, hardwood and even concrete not only add visual interest, but value to your home.

Multiply the Mirrors

Open up your bathroom space with the addition of a few mirrors. Mirrors can be used to reflect natural light in your bathroom, giving the space a lighter, more airy feeling. Plus, if you have a small bathroom, you can open up the space and foster the illusion of depth by adding a large mirror over your vanity. When it comes to adding mirrors, the bigger the better. This will allow more light to bounce around, making the space appear larger than it truly is.

Whether your current bathroom aesthetic is more blah than beautiful, think ugly shower curtains and outdated plumbing fixtures, or if you are suffering from serious bathroom blunders, such as cracked shower pans or moisture-ridden floors, these small-scale changes can make a big difference in your bathroom.

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