5 Questions to ask a before hiring a domestic cleaner


People enjoy a tidy and clean home. Almost every one of us tries our best in order to maintain our homes; however, it sometimes can be overwhelming. Our schedule now is filled with our work, our social life, and our family responsibilities. With so many responsibilities, it’s hard to find time to do the cleaning job. That is why hiring a cleaning service has many benefits. It saves you from spending so much time in taking care of all that housework. Finding the right cleaning company could be hard, especially if you don’t know where to begin since there are so many choices available. You have to do your homework first to make sure you’ll hire the one who could deliver an excellent service. Here are five questions you should ask before choosing a cleaning company.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

A company who owns a license to operate means they are legally allowed by the city or state to offer cleaning services. Having a license will make them follow strict compliance given by the state. If ever you hire a cleaning service and doesn’t deliver excellent results, you can make a complaint against the company and take legal actions. The disadvantage of hiring a company without a license is they can run away taking your money even if the job isn’t completed. And you cannot do anything about it. On the other hand, a licensed company will do anything to safeguard their business. In cases where the customer is not happy with the results, they will always offer ways to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Others are willing to make a refund if issues are not resolved.

A bonded and insured cleaning company always has the guarantee that your personal belongings are safe. You are assured that cleaners will take care of your things. As a customer, you would want your possessions to be secure and protected from theft and damage. Bond and insurance are essential for instances where there is an onsite injury or liability during cleaning, and you won’t be covering the cost, the company will take care of it. You won’t worry a thing or two once you hired a company which is bonded and insured. Make sure though to check the written policy before the cleaning even begin so you’ll know the coverage of the insurance.

Who are the people who will clean my house?

Different cleaning company brings a different kind of people to clean your property. Most reputable companies conduct background checks on their employees. Make sure they do background screenings. This will ensure the safety of your home, even you allow strangers to enter your house. You can ask the company to give you the individual profiles of each person assigned to clean your house to see their skills, experiences, and qualifications. It’s also a way for you to know if these individuals have criminal records in the past. You have to understand that these people can handle and perform the job.

How much do you charge?

You have to ask this to help you make your budget. This is also one of the factors so can evaluate your options. Prices differ from each cleaning company. Some based their price on how small or big the project is while other charges on an hourly basis. Some companies based their cost on the number of cleaners they send to your house. For you to have an estimate, ask the company if they can check your property to determine the type of job to be done. You can prepare a written list of the tasks you want the cleaners to do. It’s better if you can be straightforward and tell them you are not willing to pay unnecessary costs. You can give them the price you are willing to pay and ask them not to exceed. From that, the company may provide you a price quotation. Do not just consult one company. It will benefit you if you compare prices from different domestic cleaning in Kingston to identify the best price rate. Note that the cheaper is always not the best option. A company with a good reputation and known to deliver quality job is still the best choice.

Who will provide the cleaning products and what kind are they?

Ask if the company will provide the cleaning products or not. There are cleaning services that will only bring the cleaning equipment but not the products such as soap or bleach. Make sure that you are clear on this. To save you from hassle, choose a service that provides both supplies and equipment. But if ever you don’t like the kind of products they are using, you can always offer yours, especially if you prefer environmentally friendly products. Also, check if the cleaners are familiar with the type of product they are using and how to use them to avoid misuse and danger.

Can you provide a written agreement?

Since you’ll be allowing strangers into your home, getting as many details as possible can help you along the whole cleaning process. If there is a written document, it is easy for you and the company to work and avoid disagreements along the way.

We always want our life to run smoothly, and one important condition that affects this is to be able to maintain a neat and well-ordered home. Entrusting our home to others to make it clean and cozy can sometimes be doubtful. That’s why you need cleaners that will give you the assurance that every task is handled professionally.

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