5 High-Tech Gadgets That Make Ideal Housewarming Gifts


Purchasing a new property is a big step in anybody’s life. A great way to celebrate this is by gifting something, both thoughtful and useful, for them to enjoy during this new chapter. If you are racking your brain to come up with the perfect present for a loved one, look no further. Here are 5 of the best high-tech gadgets which are ideal for any new homeowner. However, if you prefer a more traditional and personalized present, check out these other amazing ideas for housewarming gifts.


Wireless Speaker


Wireless speakers are a great gift for music lovers. Many of these smart speakers can be paired with a voice assistant such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant. This is a really fun present as the speakers respond to all types of voice commands and requests. Some speakers, like Sonos, are compatible with all three voice assistants and can be paired with multiple speakers for different rooms of the house. Gifting a single speaker is a great way to get your friends started on their collection. Moreover, you can get them bluetooth speakers with great bass to amplify their already good-sounding audio devices. When choosing the best wireless speakers, best to seek reviews and buying guides online so you can be sure that you only purchase the best worth for your money


Robot Vacuum


Vacuuming is one of those chores that should be done every day. However, the thought of dragging your clunky vacuum out of the cupboard to spruce up the floors every day is far from appealing. A great solution to this dilemma is purchasing a robot vacuum. These cleaning devices come with a range of price tags and functions. Some, like the Roomba, can be put to work whilst you are out via the mobile application. When it’s finished cleaning, it can even return to its station to recharge its batteries.


Portable Projector


A portable projector is a super fun gadget to have at home. With this handy device, you can turn any ordinary movie night into a cinematic extravaganza. These are especially good for those summer nights in the garden. All you need is a white wall, a movie, and, of course, a great projector. There are quite a few different types to choose from, mainly DLP, LED, or LCD. If this sounds confusing, check out this easy guide to make sure you get the most suitable projector.


Automatic Cat Litter Tray


If your friend or loved one has moved into a new place with their furry pets, they will surely thank you for this amazing invention. Automatic cat litters are all the rage amongst pet owners. Cleaning litter boxes is one of the most tedious and unpleasant tasks that exist. These smart devices use sensors to detect when the box needs cleaning and rake through the litter to do the job for you.


Security Camera


Installing CCTV to protect your property is one of the best ways to keep calm when you are out and about or on holiday. Security cameras like Nest are ideal because they are super easy to install and accessible from your mobile device. There are two different options available, indoor and outdoor cameras. Even having a visible camera on display in your home can act as a valuable deterrent for criminals scoping out houses. Thieves will be much less likely to target your home if they see a security camera outside.

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