5 Colour Trends to Inspire your Interior Design



Whether you have your eye on high luxury home prices in Fort Lauderdale or are about to remodel your current property, interior design is probably constantly on your mind. Every homeowner knows the struggle of trying to find that perfect end table or cabinet, but not everyone thinks very carefully about colour. This can leave your room looking incomplete even when you’ve filled it to the brim with cushions, rugs and comfortable armchairs.

It can be difficult to customise the outside of your home, as the shape of your windows and the slant of your roof will be mostly set in stone. But the interior is yours to get creative with. If you’ve been struggling with colour these past few months, these five colour trends could give you the inspiration you need for a breakthrough.

  1. Pantone Colour of the Year

The world of interior design is always buzzing with excitement when Pantone releases its colour of the year. In 2021, they chose two colours that complement each other perfectly. This pairing of yellow and grey highlights how important it is to choose not just one colour for your room, but a palette. Think carefully about how you can contrast different shades for a subtle, cohesive look in your home.

  1. Colour Blocking

Even if you haven’t heard this term before, you’ll have definitely seen it in action. Colour blocking involves using distinctive shades and geometrical shapes to create a striking display. Commonly seen on walls, you can give colour blocking a go by painting walls different colours or having a contrasting feature wall in your room.

  1. Natural

An increasing number of homeowners are turning toward more natural, rustic colours. If your home has a countryside feel, this could be the perfect way to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Pair paint with natural wood finishes and keep tones subdued rather than bold. When following this trend, choose earthy palettes to work with, pairing smooth browns with leafy greens and mellow off-whites.

  1. Jewel Tones

For a true sense of opulence, you really can’t go wrong with jewel tones. If country softness isn’t for you, embrace bold sophistication with emerald greens and moody blues. These colours work particularly well with metallic accents – think gold-tone table legs or gleaming silver picture frames.

  1. Pastel Pinks

Pink can be a tricky colour to pull off, but don’t steer clear from it completely. Millennial pink rose in popularity a few years ago and it’s still making appearances in interior design trends. To avoid rooms looking overly childish or girly, choose pinks that are dusky or understated. If a fully pink room is too much for you to handle, pair it with cream tones or even blues or yellows.

Embrace colour in your home

No matter the mood you want to create, there’s a colour palette out there for you. Don’t feel pressured to follow trends exactly. Instead, use them to get inspired and find your own unique personality in colour palettes.

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