4 Ways to Family-Proof your Bathroom with Style


It can seem impossible to create a bathroom that’s on-trend and safe in equal measures, but beautiful doesn’t have to mean impractical. Get the best of both worlds and turn your family bathroom into a stylish haven with these 4 simple tips:

1. Storage

Out of reach or lockable storage (or both, in fact!) provides a safe place to tuck away any medicines or toiletries, which are potentially hazardous if they find their way into little hands. Providing adequate storage space will also encourage the family to keep the bathroom tidy, making it easier to clean whilst avoiding any stray rubber duck-related injuries!

2. Flooring

Traditional ceramic or slate flooring can pose a real danger to young children, particularly when it becomes wet and soapy. Slip-resistant surfaces such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles are far more family-friendly, offering a long-lasting and easy to clean solution that’s perfect for bathrooms. Check out Harvey Maria’s Signature Collection for contemporary vinyl tiles from some of Britain’s top designers!

 3. Fixtures & Fittings

As parents, our children’s health is always at the forefront of our minds – but did you know that bathrooms can harbour germs more than anywhere else in the home? Keep yours hygienic by choosing fixtures & fittings with sleek, easy-to-wipe surfaces. Rounded designs won’t trap grime in any nooks or crannies; it’s just a bonus that they happen to be so stylish!


4. Features

Sometimes those little extras feel like unnecessary luxuries, but some small touches can make a real difference to your bathroom’s safety. With a no-slam toilet seat you can say goodbye to bumped heads & trapped fingers, and a combined hot & cold tap will help reduce the risk of scalding.

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