10 easy ways to pimp up your home in 2015


Is pimping up your humble abode on your to-do list for the year ahead? Have you been convinced/nagged/harassed into doing some DIY?

Well, never fear, pimping up your home is a relatively easy thing to do and we have some simple techniques for jazzing up your indoor space over the year ahead. Okay, they might not be easy to install – or find sometimes – but your home will be instantly freshened up with these items:

10. Toasty toes

You don’t need to feel cold when you go to the bathroom or in the kitchen in the morning because of a freezing cold, tiled floor. Your feet can be nicely warm by using underfloor heating. Look for a specialist, such as The Underfloor Heating Store, who will supply and install an easy to use system for you.

 9. Drinks on you

A mini bar isn’t necessary but your party animal status will be instantly enhanced by casually mentioning in conversation that you have one.

 8. And again

Much like the mini bar, a wine cellar isn’t a compulsory feature of a house (okay maybe it is). If you have an unused cellar or garage then why not revamp it to hold your bottles of Tesco finest Chardonnay and half price bottles of Hardy’s?

 7. Your smartphone can be used for everything…


…even turning lights on and off. You can now pimp out your pad with lighting systems that can be controlled remotely on your handset. It will confuse guests as you sneakily turn the brightness up and down and they start to worry they’re in a scene from Poltergeist (minus the weird moment with the tree).

 6. Sleeping with the fishes

Do you like fish? Then an aquarium headboard is just the thing to install in your home, so you can feel like you’re under the sea whilst lying in bed. Just cross your fingers that the glass doesn’t crack one day! Seriously though, this could be a lovely and unique feature.

 5. It’s the pits

Sink part of your living room, stick cushions and sofa seats and comfy throws in there, plus a coffee table, and you have your very own conversation pit. It’s also a great way of sneakily making your space look a little bigger.

 4. Rub a dub dub in the tub


Your pimped out home wouldn’t be complete without a bubbling, steaming hot tub out in the back garden, which is really fun to use in freezing cold weather when you make a mad dash for the house half naked.

 3. Act like a child

You’re way too cool to go down the stairs like a normal person. What you need is a slide instead. If you don’t have the space to install one then just create a makeshift cardboard contraption. Here’s a tutorial. Thank us later.

 2. Emergency service

Or, if you have thighs of a Marvel superhero and the upper body strength of Chuck Norris then opt for a fireman’s pole instead.

 1. Nap time

Have you got some annoying empty space over your stairs? Why not fit a net hammock over it that you can precariously climb onto and terrify yourself every time you look below you? If you’re brave enough, it’s a pretty cool reading/napping space – just don’t let too many people climb on at once.

 So there you have it:  ten pretty easy ways to instantly pimp out your home. Now get to work!

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