What is Health Care Property Consultancy?


Health care property consultancy involves offering both transactional and valuation services to anyone looking to enter into the healthcare sector.  The major patrons of the healthcare sector include private operators, groups, banks and private equity firms and not-for-profit organisations. The care sector is very much specialised and so a health care property company will ensure you get all the advice you need in the sector.


The best of them have experts in all the relevant fields with reports completed by members of the RICS so they offer the best route to getting detailed analysis and commentary on the key points that are relevant in your health care property requirements.  Some of the consultancy firms will offer wider ranging advice geared towards specified areas of the market while others will focus on specific businesses and sites.


What other solutions should you expect from a health care property consultancy firm?

With a good HCP consultancy firm, you can expect nothing but impeccable expertise in a wide range of care categories which include but are not limited to personal care for the elderly, personal care for children, personal care for adults with physical and/or learning abilities as well as mental health registrations covering independent hospitals. You can also expect the consultancy firms to be able to sell care businesses for anyone across the country, steadily providing valuation and strategic advice all through the cycle of the business.  The research departments of most good health care property consultancy firms offer clients bespoke data and analysis geared towards meeting the needs of the client.


In the industry, there is a wide range of valuable information available but however, this is spread widely across a number of sources. This is where the best health care property consultancy firms come in. The experience of some of the consultancy firms mean that they know exactly what kind of data is relevant to their customers and also where to find them.  The research team of the consultancy will often constantly update the collated data, translating them into important reports on behalf of the client. The data may be information on care bed closures and appraisals, planning and development activity, new care bed registrations, latest care fees, etc. Regarding sales and acquisitions, you can expect a good consultancy to offer you a service that completely manages the transaction process from start to finish irrespective of whether your business is corporate or solely run.


The best consultancies will have experience in handling mergers and acquisitions for private equity firms, banks, insolvency practitioners, local authorities, private owners and corporate operators. They usually work very closely with the clients to ensure that they give them the right support and advice all through the process of any deals. Whether you are a seller or buyer, you can expect a good health care property consultancy firm to have expertise in land and development sites, vacant properties, turn-key developments, children’s schools and services, independent hospitals, specialist care homes (covering learning disability and mental health), nursing and residential homes, etc.

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