Why You Should Never Keep A Stump In Your Yard


Being a homeowner or even a renter comes with many responsibilities, one such big responsibility being yard work and upkeep. While most people think of this as just being mowed the lawn and maybe planting some flowers while taking care of the weeds, there’s another big yard task that many more people face daily: stump removal. Many people may wonder why removing a stump from your yard is important at all, as many people find it easier just to leave the stump there and deal with how it looks. There are many very important reasons as to why a stump should never be left in one’s yard, such as:


One of the biggest concerns with leaving a stump in the yard would be safety. This is because while the tree may not be there anymore, the stump that’s left behind is often large, solid and quite dangerous. This is especially true if the stump is around children, who may climb on it and fall, getting hurt. Children and others may also trip over the stump, hurting themselves by doing so. Many people end up getting injured due to a stump that hasn’t been removed. Safety is one of the primary reasons why Brisbane stump grinding is important. Nobody wants to have their family or friends become severely injured because they didn’t remove a stump from their yard.

Bugs and More Bugs


Unless you’re an entomologist, chances are that you’re not really wild about bugs. And if you rent a home or own one, the chances are also pretty good that you don’t love the idea of termites or other bugs infiltrating your home like a highly skilled army of flying, head banging, wood munchers. Damage from bugs, especially termites, that often are attracted to tree stumps is monumental. Many people find that by leaving a tree stump in their yards, they invite more insects and pests not only on their yard but to their home as well. Pest control is costly and a much bigger hassle than just removing the stump right from the beginning. Many homeowners invite hoards of bugs every year due to the fact that they left a tree stump in their yard when they shouldn’t have.

They’re Hideous

Let’s be honest. Nobody looks at their yard and exclaims “I just love the way the old stump looks sticking out of our yard!” This is because they look awful and are a real eyesore on the neighborhood, as well as your individual property. They post an ugly threat to the neighborhood, leaving people just as upset with the stump as you’d be. Even if one isn’t concerned about their home being eaten by termites, or for the safety of those around them, it’s easy to agree that tree stumps left in yards look absolutely awful and should be removed on that basis alone. In fact, some cities even have ordinances that demand the removal of such stumps, due to how dangerous and ugly they indeed are. By removing the stump, your yard will look better and be a lot less dangerous because of it.

Bad News Stump

Not only is leaving that ugly stump in your yard bad looking, dangerous and a bug magnet, but they could also damage your lawn mower, especially if the stump isn’t exceptionally large. Lawn mowers are made to cut cross, not hunks of wood, and because of this many people find their mowers being damaged by the unruly stump which they left in their yard. Removing the stump is a lot easier and even cheaper than constantly buying or fixing lawn mowers.

They May Grow Back

Another issue with leaving stumps left in the yard is the fact that some breeds of a tree may even grow back after years being cut down. This creates an ongoing problem that will need to be dealt with in the future. Removing the stumps nips this problem in the strong, and re-growing, bud.

While leaving a stump in one’s yard may be easiest, it’s never the right choice. As one could see above, there are many reasons why you should never leave a stump in your yard, as they are dangerous for anyone who may come in contact with it, as well as a bug magnet and a general eyesore, among other important reasons. It’s important to remove stumps in your yard, if not just for safety concerns alone. Removing a tree stump from your yard is an important part of being a responsible homeowner and should always be performed.

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