Tree Service Murfreesboro Tips On Preparing Your Property For Tree Removal


When your old tree has branches falling off, posing a risk to your family at home, it’s time to have it removed. However, cutting down an old tree may not go smoothly if you haven’t prepared really well. Proper planning is crucial to avoid hurting yourself and causing undue damage to your property.

Below are some helpful tips to help prepare your property for tree removal:

Know the Condition of the Tree

Remember that cutting down a healthy tree is totally different from cutting down a dying tree. A tree that is very old or with disease easily falls off during a tree removal process. If you don’t cut your tree strategically, it may hurt you and other people, as well as damage your property. That’s why you have to determine if you’re cutting an old or healthy tree.

Cutting down any tree isn’t rocket science, and many things could go wrong, which can easily be avoided with the help of a local tree service Murfreesboro TN. Prepare your yard and check everything which might fall off from the tree. When inspecting a tree, check if the tree is hollow.

Many trees look healthy and strong on the outside but are actually hollow on the inside. So, how do you know if your tree is hollow inside? Knock on the bark of the tree and listen for a hollow sound. A hollow sound means a weak tree and may fall off easily. A hollow tree would require a lighter cut. If there’s no sound upon knocking on the bark, it only means that you’re about to cut a healthy tree. Cutting will be harder and slower for healthy trees.

Prepare Your Tools

For a DIY tree removal route, don’t grab your grandpa’s axe to cut down the tree in your backyard. Remember that tree removal is not easy as it may seem, so don’t underestimate this task. Prepare your tools and your protective gear. Before and after using tools and equipment, make sure to troubleshoot each to ensure safe use.

Use a ladder and prepare a portable chainsaw, along with your ax. You need to borrow or buy these tools and equipment for smoother tree removal. Never use alternative tools like a hacksaw because they are unreliable, and using them for any other purpose may cause injuries. Also, don’t begin with a deep cut, or else, you’ll just end up messing the entire work, causing further trouble.

Tree removal tools and equipment don’t come cheap. While you might find tools around or with your neighbors or friends, make sure that they don’t have faults. Don’t compromise your safety by handling unfamiliar tools. It is very dangerous. Remember, if you’re not well knowledgeable enough and skilled in cutting a tree, it’s better to hire a Murfreesboro tree service.

Clean and Clear Your Yard

This step is crucial when it comes to proper preparation for tree removal. Clear all possible areas the tree might fall upon even if you don’t want the tree to fall off. The manner and location the tree would fall upon highly depends on how it is cut. Also, check where the branches might fall into.

Make sure that the area is clear from pets or domestic animals, children playing around, vehicles, and other structures. Set proper expectations with children and affected neighbors so they can prepare themselves during the tree removal process. At the day of tree cutting, only the professional tree cutter should only be allowed to stay within the falling radius of the tree.

All electrical wiring, toys, branches, barks, twigs, and trash should be cleaned before the tree removal service starts working. By making sure everything is clean and clear will make the entire process smoother, avoiding any form of accidents such as electrocution and slip-and-fall accidents.

It’s important to formulate at least two escape routes, wherein the first route serves as the area if ever the tree falls in the expected direction. For the second route, this serves as the area in case the tree falls in an unplanned direction. It’s like having a plan A and plan B option to ensure that everyone is safe should problems arise. For professional advice, consult a certified arborist.



Aside from ensuring that you hire someone who is licensed and experienced to cut down your trees when you can’t do it, preparing your property is important in a successful tree removal job. Avoid the costly expenses of repairing a damaged vehicle or neighbor’s fence by cleaning and clearing the area where the tree might fall upon.


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