How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower for Your Lawn


Lawn maintenance is not only a hobby of many homeowners but also it has become a need for many houses. The significance of this process has extended far more than just cutting grass from lawns as it also involves removal of snow and cleaning of porches. The selection of a lawn mower which best fits the needs of your lawn and your personal preferences can be quite challenging, especially when you have little to no knowledge on the subject matter. So we browsed through some best lawn mower reviews to offer your tips regarding the selection of a suitable mower:

Area determination:

The main factor which will determine the suitability of a lawn mower for your yard is the area of your yard. You can use a measuring tape to determine the length and width of the yard after which the area can be determined successfully. Once you have determined the area of your yard, you can easily start looking for a suitable lawnmower.

Identify types of mowers:

The advancement in technology has revamped the world of lawn mowers as well. A number of different types of lawn mowers are available in the market and consumers can pick the one which is suitable for the cleaning of their yards. From walk-behind mowers to zero-turn mowers, the choices are vast and it is important to know all your choices before you make a decision.

There are simple ones, and there are zero turn mowers. “The creation of Zero turn lawn mowers has helped to make mowering your lawn much more bearable. These mowers make it possible to complete a wider application of different tasks in a shorter amount of time”, according to tool expert Bob Robinson. Check out the zero turn mower list on BestOfMachinery for more information.

Push behind mowers:

If your yard is less than 500 square feet, a push behind lawn mower will work well for you. These manual reel mowers require much large pushing force as compared to any other type of lawn mowers. There are no engines attached to eat and it requires no fuel. The best feature is that push behind lawn mowers are low-maintenance and highly eco-friendly.

Walk-behind mowers:

Walk behind lawn mowers are powered lawn mowers which have 2 stroke engines bestridden within them. These mowers have been American favorite for decades because of their effortless performance and quick cleaning of miles of yards. Walk behind mowers are bulky and it is important to take your space availability into consideration.

Riding mowers:


Riding mowers are perfect for big yards. If your yard takes more than 2 hours for grass cutting, it is time you upgraded your mower to a riding lawn mower.

Zero-turn mowers:

Zero-turn lawn mowers are ideal for maintenance of landscapes and golf courses. These mowers offer greater precision turning and faster speeds.

Fuel consumption or not:

Powered lawn mowers either require gas or electric charge for their operation. Electric lawn mowers are easier to manage whereas; the gas-powered lawn mowers have higher longevity.

With cord or without cord:

Electric lawn mowers are corded or cordless. If you want to clean a big yard, cordless electric lawn mowers are a good choice.

Cutting type:

There are three types of clipping done by lawn mowers; clipping, mulching, and bagging. You can find lawn mowers which provide only one type of cutting however, several new models feature all three types of cutting.

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