5 Brilliant Tips To Reclaim Your Garden After a Tree Removal


You have probably had that old tree stump in your garden for such a long time that you have had to work around it. That old tree you just removed has suddenly opened up so much more space in the garden that you might be stumped about what to do with it. Any extra garden space is usually a plus to any homeowner. The trick in this situation is how to reclaim that patch of ground. Stumps usually leave a sizeable hole once they are removed. They could also take with them quite a bit of the topsoil and vegetation that was around it. Have no fear — here are five brilliant tips to get your garden back and looking better than before.

Gather all the material you will need

As mentioned above, you will be dealing with a sizeable hole left behind by the stump, as well as debris left behind after the tree removal. Looking at the carnage that was left behind will help you determine what equipment you will need. This is a short list of the basics:

●       A hoe or rake – this will help to clear the debris

●       Some good topsoil – to fill the hole with and spread around evenly

●       Seeds – these could be grass seeds or any flower seedlings that are already growing in your garden

●       A good saw – to remove any leftover roots

Clean up the carnage

There must be a pile of debris left behind at the tree removal site. This will include wood chippings or shavings, dry leaves, broken branches and so on. Make sure you clean out the hole left behind well, as no grass or flowers will grow well in the debris. It’s also a good time to saw away any roots that may have been overlooked.

Fill the hole with soil

Fill the hole with the topsoil you got. The bigger the hole, the more bags of soil you will need. Make sure you even it out to the same height as the rest of the yard. Use your rake to loosen up any clumps of soil, and water it lightly in preparation for the seeds. At this point, you can add in any compost if you are planning on using some. Mix it in well with the soil.

Plant the seeds or seedlings

Carefully read the package that the seeds came in and use the instructions provided there to plant the seeds in the soil. Be sure to use a good amount, especially if you are planting grass seeds, to prevent any gaps as it grows.

Care and maintenance

Water your new patch of garden daily. Do not put in too much water, as this will only drown the seeds. Use a fine mist and water during the cooler parts of the day. Once your grass is about two inches above the ground, you don’t have to keep up the rigorous watering. Pull out any weeds that come up.

The team from www.treeremovalelizabeth.com are your best bet to help you clean out the garden. Now you have a new patch which is beginning to look just like the rest of the yard. That was brilliant, wasn’t it?

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