Getting Your Home Ready To Sell: From Showing To The Home Inspection


The only thing more stressful than the home buying process is that of the selling process. This is due to there being a chance that you can lose money on the investment if the housing market in your area has taken a dip. There is also a chance that you’ve found another home and have to sell your current home in order to make the down payment. The last thing that any person wants to do is to try to handle paying two mortgages at once when only one home is being used. There are tactics that can make your home sell faster which a realtor will help point out during a walkthrough of the home. Setting the right selling price is also important as there is a chance you can end up with more if multiple buyers get into a bidding war. The following are ways to get your home ready to sell and tips to help you through the selling process.

Renovations That Will Increase Home Value

There are going to be those renovations that lead your home to be appraised at a higher price than if they had not been done. For certain renovations the price can be far less than the benefit of the appraisal being increased. This makes it wise to do these renovations and if you can get a great deal this can add immensely to the value of the home. Something like adding a deck to the backyard space can do a myriad of things for a home. The deck can be seen as a great entertaining space and can appeal to buyers looking for a home where they can frequently entertain. Curb appeal like that addition of landscaping features and even painting the front door can transform curb appeal thus making it more enticing to a larger majority of buyers.

Taking Professional Photos

One of the worst things that a seller of a home can do is to take very low quality pictures. With the home selling websites that many buyers look at, pictures being as high quality as possible will increase the number of showings a home has. Buyers do not want to go look at a $500,000 home if the pictures are not up to par. The home is an investment so buyers do not want to waste their time with homes where pictures are subpar. Hiring the right photographer should be easy and relatively easy to do. Certain real estate agents will have a person that they commonly use that is incorporated with their fees.

Home Staging

Staging the home for showings is important as you do not want buyers coming into a home with worn out furniture arranged poorly. The offers that are made will be higher with a home staging professionals help and for the most part will cover their fee with the increased price of the offers. Take time to do appropriate research on different home staging companies in the area or ask your realtor as they will have a few contacts in this area. Invest in the home selling process to watch that investment really pay off!

Fixing Up Before The Inspector Comes

There are going to be a few things damaged that you know of if you have lived in the home for an extended period of time. The home inspection professional or professionals that are enlisted to help by the buyer are going to find most if not all of the repairs that need to be done. These inspectors are quite thorough in the job that they do with the inspection taking hours in some cases. Fixing some obvious things that need to be repaired is imperative as the last thing that you want is the inspector going back to the buyer with pages upon pages of repairs that need to be done. This can scare a buyer off as they might think there are other problems that might not have been found.

Dealing With Repairs The Inspector Found and Buyers Want Fixed

As mentioned above the inspector most likely is going to find certain things that need to be repaired. It is up to the buyer to enforce some of these as it is their choice if they want to proceed. Things like the roof can be extremely expensive to replace to a negotiation of price can be done. Air conditioning units needing to be replaced can also be quite expensive with units for larger homes costing a minimum of $5,000. Realtors at times can even be willing to take a smaller percentage of the sale in order to close the deal so keep this in mind.

Home selling is going to be stressful but if you do the above it can help smooth the process out. Nothing will be more important than the realtor you hire so make sure you use a known realtor in the area that is highly reviewed.

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