Destin Real Estate For Sale: How To Increase Your Selling Price


Pricing your real estate property is a complicated thing that depends on a variety of factors. In most cases, having a higher selling price may tend to alienate buyers, which forces you to make a reduction in the end. However, in some situations, it may actually make sense to elevate the price to catch buyers’ attention. If you’re looking to sell your real estate property in Destin, Florida, here a few tips for increasing your selling price and make the most money out of it:

1. Understand the local market

Before you increase the selling price, it’s essential to understand your local market first. Having more properties for sale than the buyers means the prices are down as more sellers compete for a few buyers. However, having more buyers than the properties for sale means prices are up since more buyers compete for fewer properties. These trends, for instance, can impact how and when you can increase the selling price of your property in Destin. Therefore, you should be aware of how your local market works so you’ll have an idea about how much you can go for increasing your real estate property’s selling value.


2. Have the right real estate agent

Working with the right real estate agent can help you sell your property for a price that you’ll absolutely be happy with. If you don’t have an agent on your side, you may experience some trouble when selling your place in the market. Remember that having the right agent can help you work with clients when it comes to understanding what they want to get out of the sale, and what you’re aiming for as a seller. Also, this professional knows how to get your Destin real estate property in good condition, conduct an appraisal, and market your property to potential buyers.

If you want a professional to facilitate your real estate transaction and help you get the most out of your property’s selling price, many companies in Destin, Florida offer quality concierge real estate service. For more information, you can check to get started.

3. Make some home improvements

A handful of low-cost improvements can do wonders to increase the sale price of your Destin real estate property. A wider network of potential buyers will naturally be drawn to a property whose overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing. Below are some home improvements you can do to increase the selling price of your property:

Declutter – By decluttering, you can make a huge difference when it comes to increasing the selling price. Thus, you have to do heavy cleaning and organizing to make your property more presentable to potential buyers. Clean all the areas, including those hidden corners that you can see. If you want to clear out any unnecessary or unwanted items, hold a garage sale or place them in storage boxes and get a short-term offsite storage facility.

Painting – Having a fresh coat of paint can make your real estate property look fresh and presentable. After all, a dilapidated, old, and ugly property doesn’t have any appeal to prospective buyers. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, a new lick of paint will make your place look new and inviting.

Lighting fixtures – If you want an increase in your property’s selling price, then it’s time to upgrade your internal lighting fixtures. Install energy-efficient lighting that can boost your real estate’s appeal.

Greenery indoors – Add plants to make the space look and feel clean and presentable. Indoor plants also create a filler of dead corner or space.

Roof and foundations – The structure of your real estate property in Destin may be unnoticeable to buyers at first glance, but having a poor inspection report due to structural and foundation flaws can affect your sale. If you want to offer an increased selling price, get a professional to inspect your place in advance. Having home inspections is essential because it allows you to determine what’s actually wrong with the property and to make it right before selling it to the housing market.

Bathroom and toilet – A functional bathroom can be aesthetically appealing. Thus, do some small repairs like painting, cleaning out an exhaust fan, and replacing tile grout and old light fixtures.

Kitchen upgrades – Buyers always look forward to a functional kitchen, which includes bench-tops, good taps, and cupboards. In such a case, make sure the space is tidy and attractive, and that all kitchen appliances are working properly.


Clearly, there’s no easy way to increase the selling price of your real estate property in Destin. With several potential buyers who are viewing homes in your neighborhood, you always want yours to stand out without compromising the sale price. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll not only receive a higher return on investment, but you’ll also attract a wider pool of buyers who can give you the selling price you’re aiming for.




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