10 Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly


Are you looking to sell your house as quickly and smoothly as possible? We have ten fantastic ideas to help get you there faster!

Remove Any Clutter

An untidy house that’s full-to-bursting will often create a poor first impression. Remember, potential buyers will make up their mind about a home quickly, so make sure that all clutter is removed in advance. This also makes it easier for visitors to move around the house easily, and get a real feel for the place.

Make Modest Updates

You don’t have to completely overhaul your home, but a fresh lick of paint and small repairs can really make a difference to how it’s perceived by prospective buyers. Focus on the parts of the house that are easily seen on a viewing.

Don’t Personalise Too Much…

You might love a bright pink bedroom, but not everyone will! Try to tone down your most extreme decorating decisions to appeal to the broadest demographic. Neutral colours are best; they allow prospective buyers to visualise the property with their own belongings in it.

…But Don’t Make the House Too Clinical, Either!

All-white isn’t necessarily alright! Whilst it’s important to show off the potential in a property, it’s also helpful to present it as a home. Include touches of personality to show that your house is a space to relax, entertain, and live happily.

Tidy Up the Garden

Don’t forget your outdoor spaces! A well-kept garden can be a huge incentive for buyers, whilst an untidy yard will give a poor first impression. Again, think about how quickly visitors will make a decision about your home. Make sure it’s a good one!

Create the Illusion of Space

No buyer will be impressed by a property that seems cramped. As well as decluttering, arrange your home in such a way that creates the illusion of space. Remove extra furniture, use neutral colour schemes, and emphasise light in each room.

Hold an Open House

Whilst there are some potential drawbacks, holding an open house gives the opportunity for a large number of prospective buyers to visit in one go. This can increase your chances of selling quickly.

Use Inviting Aromas

We depend on our senses to understand the world. Use aromas such as vanilla, gingerbread, and pine, to create an unforgettable welcome to your home. Don’t go overboard, though; prospective buyers still need to breathe!

Aim for the Spring or Autumn

The best times of the year to sell are spring and autumn. Summer tends to involve a lot of vacations, whilst the run up to Christmas is always busy. Spring and autumn are the sweet spots, so try to put your home on the market then.

Set a Reasonable Asking Price

Beautiful home? Check. Great location? Check. Astronomical asking price? Thanks, but no thanks. Prospective buyers aren’t going to pay over the odds for any property, and if you’re looking for a quick sale without endless rounds of haggling, you might need to reign in unreasonable ambitions.

There we have it! Ten tips to get your home sold quickly. Let us know your favourite ideas in the comments section below!

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