Tranc & TRANC - Luxury Real Estate

Tranc & TRANC - Luxury Real Estate

If you will buy or rent from us our commision is 0%. Tranc & TRANC - Luxury Real Estate is a new concept in Real Estate domain that combines high quality customer care services with complete services and latest technology in Real Estate. To be more explicit, Tranc & TRANC - Luxury Real Estate intermediates local listed luxury properties, builds new wood, metal, bricks, bca houses through its constructor partners and intermediates local developers properties. Our properties can be seen from everywhere around the globe or space, if you have internet, because we offer the posibility to visualise the properties through 360 virtual tours and we offer the option, to interested persons who's got a pair of VR Glasses, to enter in a virtual world and visualise the properties as he is right there. We provide services of 360 panoramas, 360 virtual tours and video tours. We also signed partnerships with different companies to make the transaction more cheaper, efficient and timeless. If you don't like anything from our portofolio, surcharge we will search for you the property of your dreams at owners or other real estate or realtor companies. For more details don't hesitate to contact us.

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Further, we have the pleasure to present an unique opportunity, not to be missed and that definitely deserves all your attention. ...

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