Hungarian House

Hungarian House

We offer full guidance on handling the purchase of your property. We will do whatever we can to guide you through the procedure. Everything will be handled by the Hungarian (mostly English speaking) estate Agents and/or mediator and of course the lawyers. For citizens from European countries it is easy to buy in Hungary. For others it is a bit more difficult and for some nationalities it is impossible to buy.More on the buying procedure you can read on our webpage “Buying Procedure”( We work in nine main areas: Southwest of Hungary South of Balaton West and North of Balaton Northern Hungary West Hungary Lake Tisza Central Hungary West Hungary Budapest Have fun looking at our offerings and if you have questions don;t hesitate to cntact us. Jacob de Boer

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Latest sale properties listed by Hungarian House

This house offers absolute privacy. Here it it is living in the middle

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  • 3

You will live here without finding neighbours within hundreds of meters. The house is far outside the of the town of Galambok and...

€67,849 SEE more >>

House in Kaposkeresztúr, Somogy , Hungary                           

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  • 2

This house is quite complete and offers you a large living room, two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the kitchen. Furthermore, several ...

€38,202 SEE more >>

House in Nemesvid, Somogy, Hungary                                    

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The house is built of stone. Nice stable construction. In 2016, a new kitchen and installed and the living room and two bedrooms ...

€24,337 SEE more >>