Painting a room the right way, the most important steps you must take

  • 7 years ago
  • DIY

Painting a room is a very simple task. Anyone can pick up a brush and start painting. However the difference between a room that is properly painted and one that is rushed or just done in the wrong way is huge. The two examples are miles apart and it’s up to you to make sure that you take the correct approach by properly documenting yourself about what it truly means to paint a room. We are here to help with your endeavor and will provide useful assistance. Check out these top steps for properly painting a room, as well as more painting related articles on, in order to get the most out of painting your room.

Pick a dry day to paint

Dry weather is important for painting because it allows the paint to dry up correctly. If you start overhauling your bedroom walls on a rainy weather, you will have a hard time because the paint will take longer to dry due to the humidity. Moreover,  it will also drip and cause a mess all over the wall. It’s not impossible to paint on rainy weather, so if there’s really no other option, you can do it. But if you have the choice of picking a dry weather for your painting, do it, as you will thank yourself for it later on.

Inspect the area that is going to be painted in close detail

It’s very important that you inspect the area which will be painted and make absolutely sure there are no cracks and crevices, or textures on that wall. If there are, you need to sand and scrape them before you get anywhere near a paintbrush. This needs to be done in order to have a nice, clean wall with no unwanted textures at the end of the painting process.

Go for high quality equipment

There are many things where you don’t need to get the absolute best equipment unless you’re a pro and can make use of that extra bump in performance. But in this case, the difference between cheap brushes or roller covers and high quality, more expensive ones is really big, so make sure you get products pertaining to the latter category. If you try to save on a quick buck now, you will be investing a lot more lately on when you will be forced to re-do the entire project.

Take care of power outlets

This is one of the most important things because the last thing you want is to damage your power  outlets. Remove any exterior covers for your power outlets and light switches so that they suffer no damage in the painting process. It’s commonly seen with people that have never painted a wall before to forget or just overlook this step, and thus damage their power outlets.

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