Great ways to make your Dubai home much more attractive to potential buyers

  • 10 years ago
  • DIY

Are you looking to make your Dubai home more attractive to buyers? If you’re considering selling via a Dubai property agency, there are a few things you can do to encourage a quick sale. Here are five improvements you can bring into your home that are guaranteed to make your home more inviting for potential buyers.

Intense cleaning

If you intend to sell your home, you need to clean it properly; a home that is properly cleaned will look more attractive to anyone with intentions of buying it. The windows need to be washed both on the inside and on the outside so that they will sparkle while mirrors and faucets must be polished to get rid of spots, watermarks, etc.  The carpets and tiled floors must be vacuumed and cleaned so that they will appear clean and neat.  The cleaning should be done from time to time. Do you own any pets? Use pet odour eliminators to get rid of any pet odours in the home.

Deal with clutter

Buyers are more attracted to homes where there are very few personal items clogging up space. Removing personal items from a home you intend to sell also makes the home look a lot more spacious. Don’t know which items to remove? Look around for things you haven’t used in a year, such as exercise equipment, DVDs etc. Donate, sell, loft or dispose of them. Alternatively, you can de-clutter the home by getting a storage unit to store personal items you don’t want to part with.  Do not box these items in the garage or basement as this is not a good idea. A potential purchaser will see these boxes taking up space and this will make them uncomfortable. Remember, a buyer will generally not purchase the home if they can’t see themselves living there comfortably.

Paint indoors and outdoors

Is your house painted white, red, green or other such colours? You should consider repainting it with colours such as beiges that are warm and inviting. White walls generally look cold and sterile to purchasers and not everyone will like the idea of bright colours on their walls. Even if they like the home, chances are they won’t buy it if they don’t like the colour and don’t want to repaint. Again, you need to take a look outside of the home. If the paint looks old and faded, it needs repainting. A fresh coat of paint in neutral colours is a great way to make the home look very appealing to passers-by and potential buyers.

Do all the necessary repairs

This must be done even before you give the agents go ahead for house showing. All leaky faucets must be fixed and holes in the walls should be patched and painted over. Check for doors and windows that do not close properly and have them repaired. Hinges on squeaking doors and windows should also be oiled properly. Look around the house and replace burned-out light bulbs, broken light fixtures and blinds.

Pay attention to the garden

After you have done all there is that needs to be done indoors, this is the final piece of the jigsaw.  Make sure the lawn is mown and paths edged. You can clean the power spray clean the driveway. Trim all bushes and bring in potted plants. Potted plants are a great choice because you may not have the time to grow real flowers in the Dubai weather. Don’t forget to repair your fences as well.

With these tips, you will be able to put your house in prime condition for potential buyers.

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