Best Type of Tiles for Large Areas

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When you are looking at covering a large floor space with tiles it is really important that the decision you make is the right one, unless you want the trouble and expense of replacing it pretty soon! But getting it right means thinking about half a dozen different things.

It’s about style, of course, you want something which will look great with your décor and furnishings, and be suitable for the purpose of the room it is in, but flooring also needs to be durable, affordable, and perhaps also something you can lay yourself if that’s important. You already decided against wood, but who knew there would be so many more things to balance when you decided that tiles are the best choice?

How to choose the best tiles – a guide
We have put together this simple guide to help you pick out the best type of huge floor tiles for covering a large area, with important information on the points raised above, which should make the process easier.

For Kitchens with a large floor space
Many kitchen designers believe that the floor is the leading factor in creating a great looking kitchen, so ideally replacing the floor would also give you free rein to choose new units and décor too. However, if this is not possible it is important that the flooring you choose complements the existing kitchen furniture.

If your units and the overall look is modern a matt style porcelain or warm laminate tile would look best, while something more traditional suits wood-look or stone tiles.

Key points both kitchens and bathrooms with a large floor space share
Kitchens and bathrooms are better with tiles that are water resistant, and more comfortable to stand on, plus in the kitchen they need to be able to cope with lots of traffic and not be easily damaged should you drop something on them.

This makes porcelain or ceramic tiles a great choice for both rooms as they are hard wearing, glazed so they can cope with water spills, don’t scratch or chip easily, and they come in such a wide range of effects, patterns and colors they suit all tastes.

The bonus is these are available in large sized tiles, and are not a ridiculously expensive option, though you may need to factor in the cost of installation to be sure of a perfect end result. If one tile should get damaged you only need have that one replaced, so it’s worth buying a few extra just in case you need them down the line.

For hallways with a large floor space
Both ceramic and porcelain are great choices again, for pretty much the same reasons. Hallways get a lot of use from muddy or wet feet, so tiles which are stain resistant and easy to clean are a priority.

For family rooms with a large floor space
An amazingly affordable and versatile, though perhaps surprising choice is vinyl tiles. They are usually the cheapest option but they don’t look it – in fact you can now get finishes which look and feel like everything from wood to stone! Or you can go for the 100% unique look and have your own design printed onto the tiles! Vinyl tiles can be laid by anyone remotely skilled in DIY, which frees more cash for the tile budget, and they are hard wearing enough to deal with pets, children and everyday life. In fact, the only thing that you should keep away from vinyl is high heels!

For bedrooms with a large floor space
Tiles are not the most obvious choice for bedroom flooring, where something which seems softer or warmer like a carpet or rug would seem more natural. Of course, in some cases that could be true – but tiles don’t have to be cold and uncomfortable. If you have radiant heating installed they are actually a huge plus, but even if you don’t, a nice wood effect or pseudo marble tile can be a great addition to the overall look and feel of a large bedroom.

For playrooms with a large floor space
Cork tiles are the first choice for this kind of space as they are warm and soft underfoot, which is perfect for children who tend to run, jump and fall over a lot. It’s also really good at absorbing noise – always a plus point but perhaps especially so when it’s soaking up those playtime shrieks! (For the same reasons it also helps keep a room either cool or warm, which can make heating or cooling a large floor space more cost effective.) Finally, cork is great for rooms where the users are sensitive to allergens, it is naturally repellent to bugs, is very eco-friendly and it’s easy to install. What’s not to love about that?

Cork doesn’t do so well with heavy pieces of furniture on it, as they tend to sink and can easily cause a permanent delve, or with a lot of pet traffic as their claws tend to damage the surface, but neither of these should be much of an issue in a room reserved largely for children to chill out or play.

Other things to keep in mind:

•    The size of the tiles – in general tiles which are larger make a room seem bigger so if you prefer to make your already large floor space look even more spacious they are a good choice. On the other hand, if you want a large room to look cozier just do the opposite and choose smaller sized tiles.

•    Dark or light colors? – Lighter colored flooring opens up a room and makes it seem brighter, which could be an important plus if you are tiling a room with a large floor space which doesn’t get much natural light.

The message here is that there are affordable and good looking options for tiling a large floor space, so do some shopping around until you find the perfect tiles for your taste, room, and budget.



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