Alternative Uses for Bread Baskets Around the Home

  • 8 years ago
  • DIY

When you think of multipurpose items, bread baskets probably aren’t your first thought.  However, if utilised efficiently, bread baskets can become some fantastic and practical storage alternatives. With this in mind, here are 9 different ways you could use bread baskets around your home:

A Plant Pot:

Instead of purchasing a heavy, bulky plant pot, why not try a basket? Made out of natural materials, these can create much more of an aesthetically pleasing rustic, earthy appearance. Rectangular baskets work great for small box plants and shallower, round ones are ideal for larger plants. These are extremely cost effective in comparison, for a stone plant pot will cost in the region of £20-£40; whereas a basket can be as cheap as £4.

Storage for Childrens Toys:

Making your child’s toys easily accessible is always difficult; especially when you’ve just cleared them away. A plastic storage box could be an alternative choice as perforated plastic crates allow children to see what is inside the box like a wicker basket.  Use boxes to categorise certain toys together, this will mean your child can see exactly what’s inside the baskets and thus removing the problem created by lids.

Everyday Essentials:


Losing your car keys or house keys is always a cause for panic, so add a basket near your front door to keep your essentials safe. These could be divided into sections if you need to store several items.

Hanging Baskets:


When you’ve filled all available storage space, there are simple ways to create additional room if you think creatively. Instead of purchasing expensive home furnishings, hang some baskets on your walls; this will provide extra storage for your household and also brighten up your décor – these could even be embellished with the initials of each family member. Remember, if you’re using these for your children, ensure they are placed within reaching distance!

Store Firewood:


Considering winter is upon us and temperatures are inevitably plummeting, you want to keep stocked up on wood as much as possible; without having to constantly go outside. Place a basket near your fireplace and use it to store wood throughout the colder months.

Recycling Bin:


If you’re tired of constantly making trips to your recycling bin, why not use larger baskets to store recyclable items? Then, when rubbish collection arrives, simply take the baskets outside to be emptied. These also work great for transporting glass bottles if you’re local recycling service doesn’t collect them.



Keeping your pantry organised can be difficult; especially if it’s restocked regularly. Baskets are ideal for grouping ingredients for specific meals together. You could add miniature chalk boards to them for labelling; making it easier to find just what you need and change the label when required. The durability of these also makes them ideal for holding vegetables too.

Remote Control Holder:


Let’s face it, mislaying the TV controls is a huge cause of frustration. However, you could prevent this from happening in the future by using a basket to designate a specific location for them. This can be applied to phone chargers as well.

Under Bed Storage:


Keeping things under the bed often leads to dust accumulating and items being forgotten about. Introduce some baskets underneath your bed to encourage tidier, more systematic storage. Baskets are available in a variety of sizes; meaning they’ll easily slide under the mattress and although they will be visible, the different shades available make them appropriate for almost any décor.

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