3 essential tools for DIY fanatics and trade pros

  • 11 years ago
  • DIY

Most guys have a range of home power tools lying around their garages, but when it comes to investing in some professional-grade power tools, careful consideration needs to be made.

Often costing considerably more than conventional DIY tools, professional tools by brands such as Worx tools, Bosch and DeWalt provide the comfort, quality and durability needed for tools being used day in, day out. So what are the main three power tools used by the serious construction worker? We take a look at the three most essential professional tools every builder or tradesman needs.

Cordless Drill

Absolutely the most versatile and essential tool, the cordless drill is truly indispensible. Many models now combine the drill function with hammer drill and/or impact driver, as well as a huge range of attachments, allowing a professional power drill to be used for everything from drilling holes to sanding surfaces.

Nail Gun


Time is money, and the nail gun significantly speeds up construction jobs, making it an essential tool for professionals. Nail guns can be powered by air compressor, electromagnetism, explosive charge or even butane/propane, but whatever the propulsion method, nail guns require training and care to operate! In the US, 42,000 people end up in hospital every year due to nail gun injuries, with the majority of injuries occurring on professional building sites.

Circular Saw


Different saws are needed for different jobs, but the circular saw is perhaps most useful to the builder or construction worker. Handy for cutting straight lines out of large pieces of board that would be too big for a table saw or for quickly cutting a squared edge on a floor/wood stud. Jigsaws are used for more precise cutting and reciprocating saws for cutting through pipes or joists where space is limited.


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