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Find a selection of homes for sale, land, land plots, farms, beachfront homes, houses, apartments and villas from all over Uruguay. Find properties for sale by owner, real estate agents and developers selling new homes and investment property. Buyers will find cheap Uruguayan real estate as well as high end luxury homes for sale. Real estate agents use HomesGoFast.com to attract international buyers to the regions. Invest in beach front property or city living homes ideal as investments in Montevideo and Maldonado
Where to buy property in Montevideo

Montevideo neighborhoods that have faired well with house prices rises are Centro  Carrasco, Buceo, Punta Gorda and Ciudad Vieja 
Luxury high end real estate

Carrasco is a great place to find some high end real estate for those seeking to buy or invest in an exclusive Uruguay suburb, another area that is compared to Monaco is Punta del Este. For the rich Punta del Este is a wealthy playground. Ever since wealthy Argentine and Uruguayan holidaymakers discovered this sun-drenched peninsula in the early 20th century, the city has enjoyed a reputation as a playground for the elite.Today, multimillion dollar yachts crowd bow to stern in the marina. Skyscraper apartments stretch into the cloudless azure skies. Cruise liners bob on the horizon.Punta del Este is known for its beaches, surfing, beautiful people and an ardent night scene. It is expensive, usually about 50% more expensive than other areas of Uruguay,
Best value houses areas
Malvin, Pocitos, Buceo, areas of Parque Batlle, Tres Cruces, and Parque Rodo.Centro have the most affordable housing in the capital city.
Buying a house in Uruguay
Foreign buyers can buy your property as an individual, a company or corporation, or as an individual through a fully owned corporation. Except for areas considered part of the national security domain, there are no restrictions on the ownership of private property or the establishment of any business. Before the sale, four different non-encumbrance certificates must be presented as guarantee to the buyer. The first one from the “Banco de Provision Social” ascertains that the owner is free of any social security debt. The others are acquired at the Real Estate Office, the “Registro de Actos Personales”, and the Municipality. There must be no transaction without these certificates. This process ensures that there is no pending mortgage, lien, or any other encumbrance on the property.
Transaction costs associated with buying are approximately 8% in Uruguay, which is broken down as follows:

Real estate agent fee: 3% plus 22% VAT= 3.66%,
Notary public’s fee: 3% plus VAT =  3.66%,
Deed registration stamp duties (“montepios”) is 0.55%,
Registry and tax certificates stamp duties: US$200 on average,
Property transfer tax works out at 2% of the fiscal value of the property (which is usually substantially lower than the market value)

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Five reasons to move and buy property in Uruguay

Stable economy and political situation,
Large and highly literate middle class
 Imprressive social services.
Scenicrolling plains and low hills.
Beaches are pretty and popular,

Expats and Uruguay
“Lower cost of living, many benefits for seniors who get residency, friendly native people, quietness, stability of gov’t, great public transportation, no need of a car, no need of expensive insurances, local “organic” meat and produce, slower pace of life, flourishing small businesses, hard-working honest family oriented native people, beautiful birds, great highways, wonderful beaches, simple life pleasures: people walk instead of jump in a car, women hang out clothes instead of using a dryer, families wear layers of clothes instead of turning up a thermostat, people buy small cars, use propane for cooking, have small homes so spend much of leisure time out of doors. The air here is clean, water potable throughout the country. More from Expat Exchange
Where to buy real estate in Uruguay

This four-bedroom wood and concrete house is on the market for $990,000 in El Chorro, Uruguay. Credit Tali Kimelman for The New York Times
Uruguay’s beach resort town’s, called balnearios, attract a different type of expat. Some are expat retirees, while others are investing in Uruguayan real estate, Atlantida. The beaches of Uruguay extend along the entire length of its coastline. Although Punta del Este is Uruguay’s most famous beach, the 30-mile stretch that makes up the Costa de Oro offers some of the best property values in the country.
Video Guide to where to live in Uruguay

Foreign buyers in Uruguay
About 75 percent of the foreign buyers in Uruguay come from Argentina, Mr. Pardo Santayana said. The two countries share many cultural ties, and Argentines often put their savings in real estate investments instead of in banks, he said. Brazilian buyers make up another 20 percent of Uruguay’s foreign buyers, and the remaining 5 percent of foreign buyers are from other countries.
Uruguay Now travel site: uruguaynow.com
Official government site: portal.gub.uy
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