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Looking for  property in Trinidad & Tobago you are in the right place, has been promoting Trini real estate since 2004. Since then we have put together real estate agent, owners and mortgages with international buyers. Some of the most popular areas for property in Trinidad include:
Laventille | Chaguanas | San Fernando | Port of Spain | Rio Claro | Mayaro| Arima | Marabella | Point Fortin | Tunapuna | Maraval 
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Homesgofast visitors consistently search for residential real estate listings, property to invest, land, houses , apartments and new homes. We receive enquiries regarding the  best places to buy in Tobago and have homes for sale in the areas on the outskirts of the Tobago capital Scarborough, Galera Point, Mt Irvine, Stone haven bay, Bacolet, Arnos Vale, andnear Tobagos airport. Villas and houses with sea views, close to the beach or near wildlife in the countryside are particulartly of interest to expats.
Homesgofast and Trini Real Estate
“When we launched in 2004 the business started by putting overseas buyers in touch with Trinidad and Tobago real estate agents and developers selling  real estate in Tobago.
My family connections with Trinidad made it a natural place to start promoting Caribbean real estate. We continue to help small local businesses access a global audience and our low cost services are used by some of the best real estate agents in Trinidad & Tobago.
Trinidad is easily accessed by international buyers and owning a second home for example is made easier by the amount of international flights. Visitors from North America can travel with American Airlines from Miami, wUnited from Houston or Newark or with Caribbean Airlines from Toronto. From Europe, British Airways operates direct flights from London to both Trinidad and Tobago. Condor operates direct flights from Frankfurt to Tobago.
Since our early days of marketing Trinidad & Tobago properties new regualtions have been put in place to monitor purchases mde by foreign buyers. Those wishing to purchase land of more than five acres for example must have a development licence from the Tourism Development Company. Land sales offer huge opportunities that are hard to find in other Caribbean countries. Government legislation has slowed the demand from foreign buyers which now offers an opportunity for investors, second home buyers and those seeking a holiday home in the Caribbean. 
Founder –  Nick Marr
The Appeal Of Tobago for Expats
The caribbean island of Tobago is situated to the northeast of Trinidad and is a much more tranquil place than Trinidad, attracting many holidaymakers with its excellent beaches and relaxing hotels. The capital of Tobago is Scarborough and the styles there reflect the island’s colonial past with some buildings dating back to the 18th century. The islands are also popular with those who enjoy water sports. Scuba diving is very popular as is sailing. Boat trips around the islands are particularly popular with tourists. Fishermen can usually find a kindred spirit on the islands and all types of fishing – from sea to river fishing – are available. The range of wildlife and nature reserves on the islands also brings in a number of people who enjoy bird watching and hiking. 
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Housing Market in Trinidad & Tobago
Its a facte that Trinidad and Tobago did not recover as quickly as some Caribbean nations it is said that this was mainly due to a government mandate issued in 2007 requiring foreign investors to obtain a license for all land purchases in Tobago. Foreign homebuyers, who mostly come from Britain, Germany, the United States and Canada, declined sharply. The problem was exacerbated by the global crisis, according to Walter Zephirin of Seventh Heaven Properties.
House Prices in Trinidad & Tobago 
In Trinidad, the price of three-bedroom single-storey home starts at around US$310,000 in January 2016, according to Sarah Joseph, a real estate broker with Sunrise Properties. In the more desirable neighborhoods of West Trinidad, modern homes are priced from about US$550,000. Housing prices in Trinidad and Tobago vary widely; a two-bedroom in a well-regarded neighborhood — such as Maraval or Westmoorings, near the capital of Port of Spain — starts at around two million Trinidad and Tobago dollars ($318,979), said Denise Gomes-John, managing director at Syntegral Consulting, a real estate firm in Port of Spain. Waterfront properties are the most expensive. More at Global Property Guide
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More about the Trini housing market
A country rich in oil and natural gas, Trinidad’s housing market rose rapidly over the past two decades as the price of these commodities skyrocketed. “There was a terrific amount of revenue coming in, and it spread right through the economy,” said Jean de Meillac, general manager of the Trinidad and Tobago office at Terra Caribbean Realty. The growing oil business encouraged other industries, and many international companies sent workers to Trinidad and Tobago, all of whom needed housing
How foreigners can buy Trinidad Tobago real estate 
Foreigners are allowed to buy up to one acre of property in Trinidad for residential use, as long as the transaction is paid for in an internationally traded currency, such as the United States dollars, said Nicole Ferreira-Aaron, a partner at M. Hamel-Smith & Co., a law firm based in Port of Spain. The same restrictions apply for leasehold properties. All foreign buyers must also give notice of their purchase with the Ministry of Finance. 
On Tobago, an order passed in 2007 by the Minister of Finance stated that foreigners must obtain a license to buy real estate on the island. Since the order passed, no licenses have been issued to foreign buyers. Additional costs incurred in buying property include stamp duty, which can be as much as 7.5 percent, depending on the purchase price, Legal fees generally range from 0.5 percent to 2 percent, also depending upon the purchase price, said Tiffanny Castillo, a senior associate at M. Hamel-Smith & Co.
How much do real estate agents charge 
Real estate agent fees are between 3 and 5 percent and are paid by the seller, said Ms. Gomes-John. Trinidad and Tobago’s mortgage market is small; most purchases are cash, she said.
Trinidad realtors awards
October 2015 saw the launch of Trinidad’s first official real estate awards here the entire real estate sector joins together are recognised for significant achievements Hosted by’s web architect and creator, Shane Correia, the event, the first of its kind for the industry
Awards won at the first ever realtor award: 
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Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad’s Carnival is an explosion of colour, music, revelry, and creativity! Nothing on earth can rival the euphoria and stunning spectacle of our festival! With its massive masquerade bands, spectacular costumes, pulsating music and unparalleled stamina for partying, Trinidad’s Carnival is often described as the greatest show on earth! A time for release and everyone is invited to join the party.  
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