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Find buy sell property in Malaysia, have help sell a lot of wonderful properties for sale in choice locations. It all depends on your property preference and the sort of location you’d prefer.
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Top places to buy property in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur 

Because Malaysia is a favoured tourist location, getting almost anything or going anywhere is made easy for a foreigner. Many of our property listings meet and even exceed the needs of our overseas buyers seeking a place to either vacation at or invest in within Malaysia. If you’re looking for a home away from home in Malaysia, we have you covered.
The Malaysian climate and geography makes it an ideal place to buy property. The country’s geographic location places it in an area that is less prone to earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. Because of its surrounding land mass, the country is also mostly protected from tsunamis and typhoons in comparison to neighbouring Asian countries. Due to Malaysia’s insulation from extreme natural disasters, property owners are assured that their homes and businesses are safe and will be around for a long time to come.

The country’s low population density and unspoiled countryside with lots of scenic locations such as hill stations, tropical islands, and gorgeous beaches, also makes Malaysia a choice destination. The weather is warm, which will make it a preferred location for people coming in from a country with colder clime such as the UK. And the indigenes are just as warm towards strangers, plus most of them speak English. has been encouraging property ownership in Malaysia since 2002 and has helped international buyers connect with some of the most reliable and effective real estate agents. Searching for a choice piece of property in Malaysia that matches your financial competence and suits your taste is easier thanks to We have international recognition and have established ourselves as a dependable overseas real estate website that always delivers. connect Malaysian property with International buyers has real estate listed all over the world, from France to Italy, to the Caribbean and the choicest locations in Asia. Our visitors seeking properties in Malaysia come to us because they know we can offer them bespoke luxury properties, safe beachside homes, secure country homes and most of everything else in between. Malaysia’s track record has a choice tourist spot and investment haven means buying a property there can turn out to be a smart and strategic long-term investment.
“Malaysia is a wonderful place to have a second home which you can either have for personal use or for renting purposes. Either way, it’s a sound investment for tourists coming from the UK, Canada and US …” Nick Marr,
Best places to buy property in Malaysia

When searching for properties in Malaysia, our visitors on regularly search these locations for choice properties:
Kualar Lumpur: This city is the capital of Malaysia, and the largest city in the country. Expatriates living in this city do so in comfort, surrounded by most conveniences you can find in western countries.
Malacca: it’s a relatively quiet port city located on the southwest coast of Malaysia’s peninsula. The little city is greatly influenced by British, Dutch and Portuguese cultures, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Penang Island: It’s a peaceful island off Malaysia’s coast that provides western comforts. The island is also blessed with beautiful flora and fauna, and is a great attraction for expatriates.
Other choice locations are Johor, Sabah, Langkawi, and Selangor among others.
Buying a property in Malaysia
When international buyers come to us searching for properties in Malaysia that’ll best suit their needs, they are usually looking for real estate that’s a worthy investment and has long-term value. They also come to us because they seek to relocate, retire abroad, or own their own overseas holiday home.
With over a thousand visitors every day, our site is where to come to if you’re looking to invest abroad or relocate overseas. If you subscribe with us, we’ll send you frequent property alerts that’ll keep you updated on your choices and eventually merge you with the right seller.
Also financing property acquisition in Malaysia is relatively easy as Malaysian banks gladly issue mortgages to non-citizens at interest rates that are among the lowest in Asia. Or you could pay cash. Property transactions are usually discounted and faster completed when transacted in cash. The Global Property Guide give advice about best places to invest in Malaysia
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Guide Price £617,220 – 1 bedroom town house for sale Pulau Pinang, MalaysiaNestled within the core zone of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage zone in Georgetown, Penang.  
Price £ 226,823- 3 bedroom flat for sale SelangorCondo for sale 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. located at Petaling Jaya, Petaling  
Malaysia property for sale by owner
With, property owners in Malaysia sell their homes faster and more efficiently. This is a service we’ve been providing since 2002.
Home listings by actual owners are usually cheaper and offer choice properties in choice locations of Malaysia.
House sales Malaysia
Expatriates from western countries in Malaysia are mostly British and American, and they are all usually very eager to own their own homes in Malaysia.
The demand for property in Malaysia has remained stable over the years thanks to the resilience of the country’s real estate market and the steady influx of expatriates and vacationers looking to own their own homes. The cost and process of owning your own property is also affordable and easy when compared to neighbouring Asian countries.
Selling Malaysian property to foreign buyers
Our advice to property owners selling Malaysian property to foreign investors is to;

Advertise your property with the best possible photographs. A video of the property will be even better.
When describing your property, always mention how close it is to major transport links and how accessible the property is.
Consider what the potential buyer intends to use the property for and use that knowledge to market your property. If the buyer is looking for a vacation home, tell him/her how quiet and stress free the property is and how viable the property is for renting during periods the buyer won’t be staying there.
Do not overprice your property. Customers will suspect a scam and walk away.
Invite potential clients to ask questions and learn more about the property on sale.

How to buy real estate in Malaysia
Foreigners can easily buy land and property in Malaysia with hardly any restrictions. In fact, the Malaysian government and the property market effectively facilitate the purchase of properties by foreigners. And it is advisable to hire a real estate lawyer to facilitate property transactions. Legal fees are approximately 1% of the property’s purchase price.
Within Asia, Malaysia’s property’s prices are still considered the most affordable. A foreigner can own 100% of a Malaysian property such as a bungalow, condominium, terrace house, studio unit, landed, industrial, or commercial property as long as proper procedure is followed.
With the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme, foreigners willing to stay on a 10years visa can apply for work and own well priced properties. MM2H holders can finance their properties by taking loans from foreign banks in Malaysia. Purchasing property as a MM2H holder is a smart financial move.
More information to purchase a Malaysian property 
Cheap real estate in Malaysia frequently provides listings to facilitate quick sales for motivated owners and enthusiastic buyers. Owners and agents alike use our services to reach our UK audience who’d love to visit or relocate to Malaysia. We have thousands of subscribers who frequently receive property alerts on cheap properties on sale in this scenic country rich in culture and beauty.
General advice when buying property in Malaysia
·       Never sign a contract written in a language you aren’t familiar with.
·       Don’t dodge any legal procedures with hopes of cutting costs
·       Stay up to date on local laws that regulate property transactions
·       Always insist on physical written confirmations and receipts of any transaction.
·       Make sure the seller has an actual right to sell the property in question and that there are no legal encumbrances on said property.
·       Make sure the property for sale has no outstanding bill or taxes on it that you might inherit as the new owner.
·       Discuss with neighbouring property owners about issues that are peculiar to the neighbourhood you’re looking to buy in. such as security, power supply and the like.
More advice can be found on UK Government buying overseas property
Currency exchange issues
We usually advise our international buyers and sellers to research currency exchange methods because fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates can greatly influence a property’s value.
Unless buying directly from a developer or owner, you should have a bank account in the destination country so as to get best exchange rates. More advice at our Currency Zone
Marketing and advertising Malaysia homes to international clients has had great success in merging buyers with the right sellers since 2002!
Our listings can be found on multiple property websites, and we have a huge online following that find us simply by searching “Homes Go Fast”. No matter who you are or who you represent, as long as you’re looking to sell, or buy overseas property, our international property website is at your service to help find the right Malaysian real estate for you.
10 Facts About Malaysia

More information on Malaysia
The national dish of Malaysia is Nasi lemak. It is rice cooked in coconut milk and can be served with anchovies, peanuts, boiled egg, lamb curry and a native chilli paste.
The official languages of Malaysia are Malay and English.
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Government Type: Federal parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy.
Currency: Ringgit
Population: estimated at 31,449,000
Total Area: 330,803km2
Language: English
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