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Before the global crisis, Lithuania saw enormous house price increases. The average price of old apartments in Central Vilnius rose 275% between 2002 and 2006. This included a house price surge of 28% in 2003, 29% in 2004, 45% in 2005 and 56% in 2006.
Residential property prices in the capital started to decline in 2008, after the global credit crunch. House prices plunged by 15.2% (-21.9% inflation-adjusted) in 2008 and by another 26.8% (-27.8% inflation-adjusted) in 2009. Then the housing market showed some signs of improvement, with prices falling by just an average of 1.8% (4.9% inflation-adjusted) annually from 2010 to 2012.
Over the last few years, its solid economy, rising prices, and a growing number of developments have brought the country into the limelight in the world of real estate as well.
Its rise to prominence has not been solely due to the burgeoning capital city of Vilnius, either. Its second-biggest city, Kaunas, has attracted such international companies as Continental, Hella, Hollister, and Hegelmann, which have significantly increased investment in the manufacturing and logistics sector in the whole Kaunas region. 
Can a foreigner buy property in Lithuania?
Except for agricultural lands, there are virtually no restrictions in foreign ownership of land in Lithuania. At the initial stage of a property transaction, the notary republic is required to order verification and revision of cadastral and registration data of the immovable property.
How do I buy real estate in Lithuania?
A great detailed guide to the buying process can be found at the Global Property Guide

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