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Selling Cypriot property to foreign buyers
Our advice when selling a property from Cyprus to international buyers is to
Present your property well by using good quality photographs. When writing your description always include how close the property is to major transport links such roads, stations and airports. Always consider who the buyer might be. Many overseas buyers buy property as a second home or investment. In this case think about what the property would offer an investor and holidaymaker. Never over price to test the market! This is one of the biggest mistakes owners make when the sell a property online. Buyers will always compare one property against another and the internet makes this easy to do. Always invite people to make an enquiry so they can learn more about the property for sale. Finally consider taking a video of the property to show potential buyers so they can see fully the property.
House Prices in Cyprus
During the year to end-Q1 2015:

Nicosia, Cyprus’ capital, house prices declined by 6.9% (-5.45% inflation-adjusted) to an average price of €374,488 (US$416,206)
Paphos house prices declined by 0.1% (a rise of 1.45% inflation-adjusted) to an average price of €347,743 (US$386,482)
In Limassol, house prices declined by 3.97% (-2.47% inflation-adjusted) to an average price of €314,078 (US$349,066)
In Farmagusta-Paralimni, house price declined by 4.36% (-2.87% inflation-adjusted) to an average price of €320,916 (US$356,666)
In Larnaca, house prices rose by 1.54% (3.12% inflation-adjusted) to an average price of €285,725 (US$317,555)

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How to buy property in Cyprus
It is common practice for developers to take out mortgages on land or property. If you sign a contract with a developer and there is already a mortgage, loan or claim placed upon it by the developer or landowner, then you are likely to become liable for that mortgage should the builder, developer or landowner declare bankruptcy. You should request that your lawyer checks for mortgages placed on the land. If you are made aware of a mortgage prior to signing a contract it is unlikely that you will obtain the deeds in your name until the mortgage is paid off.
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General advice about buying property abroad

Never sign a contract that is written in another language that you don’t understand without a translation.
Don’t miss out or circumvent any legal procedures for cash benefits offered by the buyer
Research and follow local laws on buying and renting out property
Always get written confirmation of what has been agreed in any negotiations and always insist on a paper (preferably not electronic) receipt for monies paid
Check that the seller or property developer owns the title deeds to the property or land and can transfer them to you. If buying brand new, or partially built, from a developer, check that the title deeds for the property in question actually exist
Check that the deeds to the property or land have not been offered as collateral for any loans
Check whether the owner has outstanding utility bills, local tax demands etc that you may be liable for on purchase of the property
Talk to other property owners in the area or on the development to establish if there are any issues you should be aware of before purchasing (such as floods in winter, lack of water or electricity supplies in summer)

A lot more suggestions listed here
Selling a property don’t forget about your currency
One of our top tips to people selling and buying a property to people from another country is to research currency exchange methods. Property transactions are all vulnerable to foreign currency exchange rates and small fluctuation can mean huge losses. To negate this risk its always wise to take the advice of a foreign currency specialists who can book rates, provide lowers fees and better rates than many banks. Unless you are buying direct from a developer, before the purchase can go ahead you’ll almost certainly need to open a bank account in the destination country. The aim is to ensure that you get the best exchange rates and that the funds are in the right place when they are needed.
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Cyprus Facts

Capital: NicosiaGovernment Type: Republic (note: a separation of the two ethnic communities inhabiting the island began following the outbreak of communal strife in 1963; this separation was further solidified after the Turkish intervention in July 1974, following a Greek military-junta-supported coup attempt that gave the Turkish Cypriots de facto control in the north; Greek Cypriots control the only internationally recognized government; on 15 November 1983 Turkish Cypriot “President” Rauf DENKTASH declared independence and the formation of a “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (“TRNC”), which is recognized only by Turkey)Currency: CYPPopulation: 1,155,403Total Area: 3,572 Square Miles9,251 Square KilometersLocation: Middle East, island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of TurkeyLanguage: Greek, Turkish, English
LanguagesGreek, Turkish, English. The official languages are Greek and Turkish. In social exchanges, an informal Cypriot dialect is used.

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Getting along with the Cyprus People
GreetingsCypriots are expressive in their greetings. Men hug or slap male friends on the back or shoulder. Women kiss friends on both cheeks. New acquaintances greet each other more formally, whereas friends use first names.
Where to find more out about Cyprus
Cyprus Government Official Site

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