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Searching for property in Bulgaria is easier thanks to Homesgofast.com which is now one of the world most established overseas real estate websites with Bulgarian property from all over Bulgaria. Find property for sale from most popular areas including Bansko, Veliko Tarnovo, Nessebar, Pamporovo, St Vlas, Sunny Beach and Sofia
Our visitors come from all over the world many with the intention of finding cheap property in Bulgaria ,low cost housing, holiday homes, investment properties, and second homes abroad.  Our property listings come from Bulgarian real estate agents, property developers and homeowners seeking to sell property to international buyers.
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“Just like any other property market Bulgarian real estate offers cash buyers some great opportunities. Buying a property in Sofia for example usually takes months when a mortgage is used, determined sellers could drop thousands of the asking price for faster cash purchase. Always remember that professional agents never charge fees in advance. The property market works much like in the UK with commission being paid upon sale completion. ” Nick Marr Homesgofast.com
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Our international buyers are people that are motivated and many needing find international real estate for investment, relocation, moving abroad , retirement and to buy holiday homes abroad. Used by thousands of people each day we are the place for people looking to invest abroad or make the move overseas. We have thousands of buyers receiving our property alerts and are putting buyers and sellers together everyday.
Best places to buy property in Bulgaria
One of the main reasons Homesgofast.ocm users search for Bulgarian real estate is the low house prices in Bulgaria offering extremely food value for money. Bulgaria offers city apartments, beachfront homes and ski property all at lower property prices compared to the majority of other comparable locations.
Property in Varna
Varna is a cosmopolitan town on the Black Sea coast. It has good road communications, air, sea and railway transport. The town is the third biggest industrial centre in the country with busy shipping, shipbuilding and ship-repair activities. Much of Varna’s charm and appeal to overseas buyers is due to its seaside location.
Property in Bansko
Bansko is situated 160 km south from Sofia, at the foot of the Pirin mountain range. The highest mountain peak Whirlwind – 2915 m. Skiers and snowboarders choose Bansko because here the longest ski season in Bulgaria. As the largest ski resort in Bulgaria, We have a good range of property listings in Bansko ideal for foreign buyers seeking a property to buy in the Bulgarian Bankso region. Use Homesgofast.com to buy or sell bargain Properties in Bansko. Find boutique hotels for sale Bansko and low priced apartments ideal for the ski season. We successful businesses is a successful Bansko. We have a variety of properties throughout Bansko and the surrounding regions including golf course properties. Find Bankso properties including apartments, penthouses, duplexes, houses & hotels.
Property in Sofia
Sofia is the largest and most developed city in Bulgaria. Nearly quarter of the Bulgarian population live in Sofia. Sofia is probably one of the best property investment locations in Bulgaria. Property prices in Sofia have steadily increased and offer excellent rental opportunities, demand from the growing population. Use Homesgofast.com to find luxury prime residential properties and low cost apartments for sale from Sofia.
Property in Pamporovo
Pamporovo is a modern ski resort in the heart of the Rhodopi mountains. It is set amongst pine forests and is primarily visited during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. It is also a popular tourist place in summer. Pamporovo is situated on 1650 m above the sea level at the foot of peak Snejanka (1926 m). It is 240 km far from Sofia and 85 km from Plovd. Find a good range of Pamporovo real estate including mansions, luury properties and cheaper low cost property.
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Selling Bulgarina property to foreign buyers
Our advice when selling a property from Bulgaria to international buyers is to
Present your property well by using good quality photographs. When writing your description always include how close the property is to major transport links such roads, stations and airports. Always consider who the buyer might be. Many overseas buyers buy property as a second home or investment. In this case think about what the property would offer an investor and holidaymaker. Never over price to test the market! This is one of the biggest mistakes owners make when the sell a property online. Buyers will always compare one property against another and the internet makes this easy to do. Always invite people to make an enquiry so they can learn more about the property for sale. Finally consider taking a video of the property to show potential buyers so they can see fully the property.
Advice when buying property in Bulgaria
Foreigner cannot acquire the ownership of land when buying an apartment or studio flat  or an off-plan development it seldom comes with land so this will not affect you. If, however, you’re buying a villa or house you will need to register a Bulgarian Limited Company, with yourself as the sole owner and director. The company will then own the property, plus the land on which it sits. If your lawyer is based in Bulgaria, check that he/she is registered and practicing with the Bulgarian Bar Association by asking for their registration number and verifying this through the Bar Association’s website or the Bulgarian Bar Registers. If you appoint a UK firm, check that they are registered with the Law Society in the UK and specialised in International Transactions. Check that your UK lawyer has professional indemnity insurance. In Bulgaria there is no indemnity insurance.
Do not sign any papers or hand over any money until you have taken independent legal advice.
More here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-buy-property-in-bulgaria
General advice about buying a property abroad

Never sign a contract that is written in another language that you don’t understand without a translation.
Don’t miss out or circumvent any legal procedures for cash benefits offered by the buyer
Research and follow local laws on buying and renting out property
Always get written confirmation of what has been agreed in any negotiations and always insist on a paper (preferably not electronic) receipt for monies paid
Check that the seller or property developer owns the title deeds to the property or land and can transfer them to you. If buying brand new, or partially built, from a developer, check that the title deeds for the property in question actually exist
Check that the deeds to the property or land have not been offered as collateral for any loans
Check whether the owner has outstanding utility bills, local tax demands etc that you may be liable for on purchase of the property
Talk to other property owners in the area or on the development to establish if there are any issues you should be aware of before purchasing (such as floods in winter, lack of water or electricity supplies in summer).

More advice here
Selling a property don’t forget about your currency
One of our top tips to people selling and buying a property to people from another country is to research currency exchange methods. Property transactions are all vulnerable to foreign currency exchange rates and small fluctuation can mean huge losses. To negate this risk its always wise to take the advice of a foreign currency specialists who can book rates, provide lowers fees and better rates than many banks. Unless you are buying direct from a developer, before the purchase can go ahead you’ll almost certainly need to open a bank account in the destination country. The aim is to ensure that you get the best exchange rates and that the funds are in the right place when they are needed.
Advertising Property to International Buyers
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Bulgaria Facts

Capital: SofiaGovernment Type: Parliamentary democracyCurrency: BGNPopulation: 6,981,642Total Area: 42,810 Square Miles110,879 Square KilometersLocation: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Romania and TurkeyLanguage: Bulgarian
LanguagesBulgarian. The official language is Bulgarian, and nearly all inhabitants speak it. About half of the Turkish population speaks Turkish as its mother tongue. Bulgarian is a Slavic language that uses an alphabet first developed in the ninth century by Cyril and Methodise. English is now the most popular language for children to study, followed by German and French.
Video Guide to Bulgaria

Getting along with the Bulgarian People
GreetingsUsually a person greets another person during the day, with a smiling face, and a simple hello, (Zdrasti) sometimes one would extend their hand for a handshake. One might also say Good morning! (Dobro utro!) , Good afternoon! (Dobro utro!) or Good evening! (Dobar vecher!). Hand-slaps and hugs are popular among young people; a kiss between close female friends is also common.
Where to find more out about Bulgaria
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