At, we pride ourselves on our ability to present a platform that provides various types of housing solutions for our numerous clients all around the world. If you are looking to retire to Bolivia, relocate to Bolivia, invest in Bolivia real estate or if you are simply curious about Bolivia, we have listings that are perfect for you.
With a booming economy and a host of friendly people, Bolivia is an expat’s haven. Cost of living is quite low giving you a better quality of life coupled with the beautiful terrain that makes for good sightseeing. Since 2002, HomesGoFast has presented people with a platform to see what real estate treasures lay in places like Bolivia. Agents, buyers, sellers and other players easily converge on our platform. Playing home to South America’s largest lake, a host of natural attractions and being so affordable and comfortable are one of the few reasons why people consider this lovely South American country.
We connect international real estate buyers with Bolivian properties is one of the best international real estate websites with listings from different parts of the world including South America. The website makes it easy to fulfil the desire of many people to access other parts of the world, catering to diverse housing needs.
If you are looking for a US styled home where you may quietly indulge in the richly made local meals of Bolivia or you are looking to fulfil your fantasy of staying in a bespoke apartment, there is a lot of choices to pick from. Perhaps all you want to do is travel down The famous ‘El Chorro’ trail that stretches from the snow-capped High Andes via several ecosystems and ends in the steamy, humid Yungas  or you want to discover the wild savannah of Llanos de Moxos, the choice is yours to make.
If you are looking for a remote and affordable place to live in, Bolivia beckons. There are also investment opportunities which are even more alluring because of the non-discriminatory land holding disposition to foreigners. As an investor, you may capitalise on the teeming youthful population of Bolivia and availability of a new middle class that make up potential clients. There is no better place to look into for investment opportunities and perhaps retirement.
Buying a property in Bolivia
We have many motivated international customers who need international real estate for different purposes which may include but not limited to; buying vacation homes abroad, relocation and investment opportunities.
Whatever your international real estate needs may be, we are the one to help you meet that need. We have numerous listings from all around the world. Thousands of buyers and sellers are subscribed to our platforms and we keep them up to date with our daily property alerts.
The beauty of the Bolivia housing market is in its affordability for instance a 30,000-acre ranch with 11 miles of navigable river costs just $500,000 also Buying property costs are around 4.5% of property value. The buyer pays for the 3% transfer tax and the 0.50% registration fee. The seller pays for the 1% legal fees.
Bolivia real estate for sale by owner
Popular areas to buy real estate in Bolivia that is being sold directly by owner is

La Paz
Santa Cruz

Real estate agents in Bolvia
Looking to relocate to Bolivia check out these top 20 places to buy in Bolivia

Calacala (1)
Capinota (2)
Chiquitos (1)
Cochabamba (9)
Comunidad Tipoye (7)
Coroico (1)
Incachaca (1)
La Paz (3)
Magdalena (1)
Obrajes (1)
Oruro (1)
Palomar (1)
Puerto Canoa (1)
Punata (1)
Rurrenabaque (1)
Samaipata (2)
San Aurelio (1)
San Ignacio De Velasco (1)
San Jose De Chiquitos (1)
Santa Cruz De La Sierra (2)

La Paz Bolivia homes for sale

With its sleek design hotels and edgy art scene, Bolivia’s sky-high capital La Paz is suddenly beaming brighter than its big-brother cities across South America read more at City Guide La Paz Bolivia
Selling Bolivia property to foreign buyers
Our advice when selling a property from Bolivia to international buyers is :
For you to make a good representation of your property, you should take good quality pictures of the property. Also the description should be detailed enough to let whoever is interested know what to expect. Include information about how close the property is to major transport links such roads, stations, public transport and airports. Also provide information that describes amenities such as nearness to schools.
Give a good thought to who the buyer may be and supply information based on that. A young couple looking to relocate will be interested in a home that is affordable, safe and close to basic amenities such as schools, parks, stores. A Swiss or German buyer may simply be looking for investment opportunities as well as a second home option that may be easily rented out when they are not there.
Do not be tempted by greed. The internet provides a wealth of resources that buyers have access to. Do  not place unreasonable prices on your Bolivian property assuming the naivety of prospective buyers. This age long assumption is one of the biggest mistakes sellers of property on line make.
Make yourself available should anyone need more information on your listings.
You should also consider giving a 360 degrees view of the property or creating a short video that can give a buyer a better view of your property.
How to buy real estate in Bolivia
There are no restrictions to land ownership by foreigners in Bolivia. As a foreigner, you may own your property in your name and obtain residence as a result of that.
Be warned, there is no title insurance, so you must do a diligent research to make sure you are doing business with the right person.
Beware of squatters if you are considering settling on the countryside because some indigenous people may decide to build homes on your land and it will be difficult to get them off your property. Investment property guide advice can be found at
A realistic view on buying Bolivan houses can be found at
Cheap real estate in Bolivia
You may find cheap real estate in Bolivia and these cheap deals are inclusive of land for sale.
We feature listings offered by owners who are motivated to sell fast. We also have owners and agents that make use of our platform to advertise to international buyers including UL audience who may be interested in Bolivian property.
General advice when buying property in Bolivia

Be certain not to append your signature on a contract that is written in a language you do not know without a translation.
Follow through with all the legal procedures involved in your transaction. Do not be tempted to do otherwise for cash benefits offered by the buyer.
Get a confirmed written acknowledgement of all agreements and always insist on paper receipts of all payments made.
Find out and adhere to local laws when buying and renting out property
Make enquiries and be certain that whoever is selling a property to you has the legal right to do so. If buying a partially developed  or brand new building from a developer, be certain that the title deed for the property exists.
Also carry out search to know that the deeds to the property are free from lien .
Research and ask questions about the area to get knowledge on issues that may arise before you make your purchase, ask adequate questions with regards to weather, amenities etc.
Also check to see that there are no liabilities such as outstanding utility bills and the likes that you may oncur from the former owner.
Talk to other property owners in the area or on the development to establish if there are any issues you should be aware of before purchasing (such as floods in winter, lack of water or electricity supplies in summer)

For more valuable advice, check 
Selling a property don’t forget about your currency and the Boliviano
Another of our very important tips for anyone looking to buy property in Bolivia is to be familiar with the currency exchange property transactions depend largely on the foreign currency exchange rates and this can be quite unstable. Beware because a slight fluctuation may lead to great losses for you. To forestall such losses, it’s wise to engage the services of foreign currency specialists who are more aware of the foreign exchange market and can provide better rates at lower fees than most banks.
Also you may have to open an account in a Bolivian bank before the purchase can be finalised unless you are buying directly from the developer.
This is to make certain that your funds are right where they should be when. For more advice on foreign exchange, check Currency Zone.
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Bolivia Facts
Capital: Sucre Government Type: Parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm Currency: Bolivian Boliviano Population: 10,461,053 Total Area: 424,164Square Miles Location: South America, North of the Tropic of Capricorn
Languages Spanish,Paraguayan Guarani,Aymara,Chiquitano,Puquina
Getting along with the Bolivians
Don’t be a boracho. You may have a few drinks but getting drunk is not a thing.
The handshake is the customary form of greeting and you must shake with your right hand.
Also, the Bolivians are a religious people and they still offer sacrifices to Mother Earth.
The Bolivians love their meat and potatoes. The most common meat is beef but pork is also reltively common.
Where to find more out about Bolivia.
“Bolivia.” Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. (April 13,2017).
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