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Explore homes for sale throughout Algeria by searching real estate listings from owners, agents, developers, and hotel owners. Whether you’re looking for land to build a new home or an investment opportunity, Algeria offers a variety of options.

Selling Property in Algeria provides exposure to international buyers seeking holiday homes, relocation properties, second homes overseas, or investment opportunities. Consequently, our platform attracts visitors from the UK, USA, Europe, and beyond, allowing you to advertise your Algerian property listings effectively.

Land for Sale in Algeria

Use to find land for development in desirable locations such as Algiers, Oran, and Constantine. You can enjoy stunning urban and coastal views, proximity to cultural landmarks, and vibrant communities. Moreover, you can find land for sale near popular tourist attractions and dynamic cityscapes.

Investing in Algerian Real Estate

Rental Income

If you are a nonresident earning rental income in Algeria, you are taxed at a flat rate on the gross rental income. Unfortunately, deductions are not allowed.

Investment Property Algeria

Capital Gains

Capital gains from property sales are subject to local regulations. However, exemptions and deductions may apply, reducing the effective tax rate.


Inheritance tax is imposed at varying rates depending on the value of the estate and the relationship of the beneficiary to the deceased.


Algerian residents are taxed on their worldwide income, including income from property investments abroad.

For more information, the National Office of Statistics (ONS) provides independent statistics on various economic indicators.

Algerian Properties for Sale

Recent sales in Algeria include:

  • A luxury villa in Algiers
  • A seaside estate in Oran
  • Charming apartments in Constantine
  • Modern penthouses in Annaba

Living in Algeria

The rental market in major Algerian areas and popular tourist regions can be competitive. Rental prices vary, but you should expect to pay a premium for central and scenic locations. The demand for rental properties is high due to the influx of tourists, expatriates, and investors.

Buying a House in Algeria

Property transaction costs in Algeria typically range from 6% to 10% of the property price. Buyers are responsible for these costs, which include real estate agent fees, notary fees, and registration fees. Real estate agent commissions are usually between 3% and 6% of the sales price, plus VAT. Notary fees and other closing costs vary but are often significant.

Algiers Property

Algiers, the capital, is known for its vibrant culture, historic architecture, and diverse real estate market. Therefore, property prices are highest in central districts like Hydra and El Biar. Search for “homes for sale Algeria” to find the best options.


Oran, known for its beautiful beaches and lively cultural scene, is a prime location for holiday homes and luxury properties.

Constantine Real Estate

Constantine offers stunning properties with breathtaking views of its dramatic gorges and bridges. It is a popular area for both residential and investment properties.

Annaba Real Estate

Annaba is renowned for its picturesque coastal landscapes and modern infrastructure. It offers a mix of luxury homes and high-rise apartments.

Discover Your Dream Home: Exclusive Properties for Sale

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Algeria or seeking a serene getaway in various picturesque locations around the world, our curated list of properties offers something uniquely suited for every discerning buyer. Explore our diverse collection of luxury homes and villas, each promising a distinct lifestyle and exclusivity. Our Algeria real estate website provides detailed listings to help you find your dream home.

Typical Homes For Sale in Algeria

  • Luxury Villa in Algiers
    Price: $1,500,000 USD
    Features: 6 Bedrooms, 7 Baths, 800m²
    A lavish estate with modern amenities and expansive gardens.
  • Seaside Estate in Oran
    Price: $1,200,000 USD
    Features: 5 Bedrooms, 6 Baths, 750m²
    Elegantly designed villa with scenic views.
  • Charming Apartment in Constantine
    Price: $400,000 USD
    Features: 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 300m²
    A stylish apartment in the heart of the city.
  • Modern Penthouse in Annaba
    Price: $700,000 USD
    Features: 4 Bedrooms, 5 Baths, 500m²
    A contemporary penthouse with stunning city views.

Property For Sale By Owner

At, property owners have the opportunity to sell their homes directly through our platform. This allows buyers to purchase homes directly from the owners, ensuring a more personalized and potentially cost-effective transaction. By listing your property with us, you can reach a global audience and manage the sale process on your terms.

Cheap Property for Sale in Algeria

If you are looking for affordable options, there are many cheap houses for sale in Algeria. Homes for sale in Algeria can range from budget-friendly apartments to charming homes. These properties provide an excellent opportunity for first-time buyers and investors looking for cost-effective real estate options.

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FAQs About Algeria Real Estate for Foreign Buyers

Can foreigners buy property in Algeria?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Algeria. However, it is important to be aware of the local regulations and restrictions that may apply.

What are the ownership restrictions for foreigners?

Foreigners can purchase property in Algeria without significant restrictions. However, owning agricultural land might have additional regulations.

What is the process for buying property in Algeria?

The process for buying property in Algeria includes finding a property, signing a preliminary sales agreement, conducting due diligence, signing the final sales contract, and registering the property. It is important to work with a reputable real estate agent and legal advisor.

Are there financing options available for foreign buyers?

Financing options for foreign buyers in Algeria are

available through local banks and financial institutions. The terms and availability may vary, so it’s essential to explore different options.

What taxes and fees are associated with buying property in Algeria?

When buying property in Algeria, foreign buyers need to pay registration fees, notary fees, and other administrative costs. Additionally, there may be taxes on rental income and capital gains tax on property sales.

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