U.S. Neighborhoods To Consider That Give A Sense Of Community



A big advantage of buying a home in a less popular or unheard-of neighborhood is that they have a great community spirit. Just 16% of Americans say they feel very attached to their local community. Living in a busy and sought-after location often makes people feel like this. So, if you’re after a home that makes you feel like you belong, consider buying a property in one of these unlikely places.

Beautiful Arizona

Arizona is a lovely place to live if you’re keen on hot climates. There are also glorious desert landscape views to consider. One of the most underrated places to live in Arizona is Bisbee. Bisbee is quirky and is packed full of history and culture. As of November 2022, the median listing price of homes in the city was $275,000 – almost $25,000 less than 12 months previously. If Bisbee’s not for you, how about Flagstaff? As the city is elevated almost 7,000 feet, it’s a lot cooler than the rest of the state. Flagstaff is made for nature lovers as there is plenty of opportunity to go running, hiking, biking, and more. The median listing price at the moment for property in the city is $675,000.

Picturesque Colorado

Known for being a Mountain state, Colorado is packed full of small neighborhoods with vivid mountain views. Lake City is a stunning and remote Colorado town that is home to fewer than 400 people. Buying a property here will set you back an average of $649,000. As the area is so small, you have to act quickly to nab a property as there are only a few for sale. A busier part of Colorado that is often forgotten about by house hunters is Greeley. The city is often called the “City of Churches” due to the high number of churches in the area. The median listing price of homes in Greeley is $425,000. There are various properties for sale in Greeley as it has a population of over 100,000. A realtor in Greeley can assess your property needs and requirements to help you narrow down your choice. But whatever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have easy access to great health care, brilliant schools, and cultural attractions.

Idyllic Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is ideal for industrial and agricultural workers. There are also some idyllic hidden gems to buy property in. The first is Carlisle. It has a small population of just over 20,000 and has plenty of heritage to explore, including museums, art galleries, and farmers’ markets. The typical value of a home in Carlisle is $300,000. Another option is Annville, which is a quiet, historical town. Although the town is small, there is plenty to do and there are lots of bigger towns and cities that you can easily visit nearby. Property prices are reasonable too, at an average of around $327,000.

Looking for property outside of the normal hotspots is a great way to bag a home in a place where community spirit is important. Plus, you’ll get a whole lot more for your money as you’ll get to live close to some stunning scenery and useful amenities.

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