Top Sights of Milan to Visit in One Day


One of the most favorite tourist cities in Italy and the whole of Europe has a lot to offer and a lot to impress. You will not be bored in this amazing place, especially during the Milan walking tour. Although the modern look of Milan is primarily defined by the latest architecture, lovers of antiquity will also find something to see.

The city is full of historical places and monuments. In order not to miss a single detail (because the city is beautiful in both guises, modern and ancient), you should prepare carefully. Milan is much more than a historical center or a city of shopping areas, it’s just that its soul is hidden more carefully than other favorite tourist destinations. The more you wander through the winding streets of the center, the more often you come across ancient houses, squares, and churches, which would not be enough for a few sightseeing days.

Features of Tourism in Milan

Specially designed routes with guides and translators are popular with most tourists. For those who do not have time to find the right way and wander the streets, it is worth using the services of travel companies and getting a walking tour on, which will introduce you to all the main architectural monuments. 

Experienced guides not only tell about the history of certain objects in an accessible way but also supplement the stories with interesting legends and local folklore. In a few hours spent on such a tour, you can learn about the history and peculiarities of this strange city much more than during aimless wandering through the streets in search of the right place.

But if you like to wander through unfamiliar cities and know a little local dialect, the independent study of Milan’s sights will bring more positive impressions. Explore the places of active shopping, amazing everyday Milan… you can go around the sights in one day, using the usual free map of the city, which is available in all hotels. The most interesting objects of the city are often marked on it.

What to See in Milan?

Go straight to Piazza Duomo. This is the very center of Milan, which is surrounded not only by unique architecture but also by many restaurants, boutiques, and cinemas.

Duomo Cathedral in Milan
Many sights in this city are beyond the norm, but even people who are not interested in architecture will be impressed by the Duomo. A visit to this cathedral, built in the Gothic style and one of the largest in the world, is one of the most popular tours in the city. And in the evening, thanks to the wonderful lighting, it becomes an insanely romantic place.

While in the square, you will notice that the monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II, who united Italy for the first time, constantly monitors order. And next to the cathedral is located:

Victor Emmanuel II Gallery
A unique shopping arcade that was first opened back in 1877. This most beautiful building is made in the form of a Latin cross and has four entrances/exits. The roof of this architectural wonder is a glass and metal dome. Today, most of the famous boutiques are located in the passage, and various cultural events are regularly held here. You should not go shopping immediately — it is better to allocate a separate day for this. And even if you can’t afford designer things, you just have to take a walk and drink coffee in a local café.

To see Milan in one day, go further from the passage on one side, and you will see the monument of Leonardo da Vinci, on which he froze in thought, surrounded by his students.

Milan is undoubtedly the world center of fashion and an ideal place for fans of the fashion industry and shopping. Thousands of famous and not-so-famous brands decorate the city along with historical monuments, beautiful modern buildings, incredible parks, and a huge selection of entertainment.

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