The Independent: One of the Top Residential Skyscrapers In Austin Texas



Austin, Texas, has been dubbed the “Silicon Hills,” where you will find many new high-tech startups stemming from the region. It is now home to some of the giants, such as Google and Microsoft. Its business-friendly ecosystem and low cost of living make it one of the fastest-growing cities today. But the city has been facing a housing crisis due to the booming growth. The surging prices for homes and rentals, especially during the pandemic, further fueled this crisis. 

To combat this, companies have rapidly started to invest in residential buildings that can house several hundred individuals in smaller ground spaces. This development took speed after the early 2000s, and today you will find a whole new slew of developers ready to help build skyscrapers that will shape the city skyline. But all skyscrapers are not built the same. Only a few select are worth investing in. 

The Independent

The Independent is, by far, the tallest building in the city, with 58 stories and standing at a stunning 690 ft. Before the Independent, the Austonian (another residential skyscraper) was the tallest building standing at 683 ft. The Independent is firmly placed between Austen’s Seaholm District and Shoal Creek. 

The project was initially proposed in 2014 and came to completion in 2019. Today it is viewed as one of the most desirable skyscrapers for housing across the city. It even has several awards, including the Award of Excellence in the “Best Tall Building – Residential” category in the 2022 CTBUH Awards. 

Structure and Design

This 58-story multi-family project houses roughly 370 units for residential use. The Independent Austin has a unique stacked structure, almost like the layers were stacked on top of one another unsymmetrically. Its unique design is what makes it stand out in the Austen skyline and also why the local community liked to call it “the Tetras building” or “the Jenga tower.” 

Individual condos are available with one to four bedrooms as needed ranging from 750 to 3000 square feet. What’s more interesting is the sustainability efforts undertaken by the Independent. It features a 75-kilowatt solar power system and a rainwater collection system to promote the usage of renewable resources onsite. 

Amenities at The Independent Austin

The Independent offers several amenities to its clients, covering over 20,000 square feet. These amenities are primarily spread across the 9th and 34th floors of the building. These include accommodations for recreation, health, lifestyle, and entertainment for residents to enjoy. 

 – For instance, the 9th floor of The Independent features a dog lounge and park, a pool, a club room and coffee bar, a children’s playground and activity room, and a landscaped outdoor lounge with a fireplace.

 – The 34th floor offers additional amenities, including a fitness center, a private theater, a 16-person boardroom, a yoga deck, two conference rooms, and an owner’s lounge. 

 – Besides these in-house amenities, the surrounding neighborhood also boasts several recreational areas, entertainment, and dining centers.

Final Thoughts

The Independent is one of the most popular Austin skyscrapers, not just for its incredible height but its unique structural design, safe environment, numerous amenities, and the lifestyle it provides to the residents of Austen.


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