The Idyllic UK Coast: Lets look at stunning Seaford


If you fancy visiting a small British seaside town to get a real feel of English life, there’s only one place you should visit, Seaford. Based in the South Coast of England and only a short distance away from the beautiful city of Brighton, Seaford is perfect for a small family get away or if it’s just you and your partner.

Some people who often visit Seaford, they end up staying for good, as the property in the town is just as stunning as the area it’s located in. If you become as addicted to Seaford as I am and you want to make your holiday a more permanent fixture, look up Seaford Agency – Coast to Country Lettings online and extend your stay in this amazing town. For the rest or just want t breeze through on a holiday, have a look at the article and get some ideas about what to see and do in this idyllic area.  

What to See

Seaford is full of history and they’re so many things to sightsee when you’re in the area. For starters, The Seaford museum is a great place to go to view Victorian and pre historic items as well as modern day items such as old computers and radios.     

Severn Sisters Cliffs

If you’re looking for something that involves a bit of walking whilst also sightseeing, why not go to the Seven Sisters Country Park and you can see the awe inspiring chalk cliffs. The view that you’ll get of the coastline is simply amazing. Just make sure that you bring a camera because the picturesque countryside makes for amazing landscapes.    

What to do

Long Shingle Beach


How does taking a trip to the beach sound? Whether your with a family or your with a partner or going solo, the Seaford beach is a great place to spend a day or an afternoon, providing the weather is nice! Go for a nice walk when the sun is going down and get the cool sea breeze that Seaford is famous for.    

Park Life at Drusilla’s


If you fancy something a bit different, why not visit the nearby zoo called Drusilla’s park that has a huge variety of animals on display. It’s great for families with lot of facilities available for all ages.     

Where to Eat  

Fancy Oliver’s For Fish

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a nice relaxing dinner, one of the tastiest places to eat is a place called Ollivers. Located at Clinton Place in Seaford, this restaurant has some of the best fish and meat dishes in the area. With fresh chicken, beef and lamb alongside some of the freshest fish caught locally, this restaurant is perfect for a nice evening meal.    

If you’re looking for something slightly different, why not try a place called Diellas, a nice little Italian restaurant. The pizza’s served taste amazing and pastas are incredible.   



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