Five reasons to invest In airport parking


When customers are flying on business or leisure via the airports there is often the requirement of finding somewhere to park your car while you are away.

Parking a car is getting more and more expensive, whether it is in towns, cities or even an airport. The International Parking Institute currently estimates the market at $20 billion globally.

You can purchase a single parking space at a UK International Airport for just £20,000

Your first two years’ rental incomes are guaranteed at 8% net per annum with income projected to rise to 10% by year 3. Additionally, and importantly, you are paid your rental income yearly and in advance up front.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons to invest in airport parking:

1. Rising returns

Guaranteed 8% net income in years 1 & 2, projected 10% in years 3 & 4, and projected 12% in years 5 & 6.

2. Title deeds in your name

A secure, tangible asset backed investment with full title deed registered in your name with the UK Land Registry.

3. Affordable

Affordable entry at £20,000 per parking space. One title deed can be used for multiple purchases, saving on completion costs.

4. Fully hands-off

25% rise in capital value from day 1, with anticipated returns reaching 60% over 6 years and a fully hands-off investment.

5. High demand

92% average occupancy with demand for parking spaces, by travellers and airport staff, growing rapidly and far exceeding supply.

Glasgow Airport has been undergoing major expansion, and demand for car parking spaces has never been higher. This is a low entry commercial property investment providing the investor with a full title deed in the buyers’ name registered at the Land Registry.

This is also a fully hands-off investment which is managed on behalf of the investor by an experienced airport parking management company with a track record of over 20 years’ experience.

FJP Investment is an agent of Park First and is ready to assist you with making your airport car parking investment.

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