Factors That Make Hartland Northern Virginia’s Most Sought After Community



Moving to a planned community is a fantastic idea if you are looking to live among beautiful homes in a tight-knit community. Hartland is one of the most beautiful planned communities in the state, and you can find the home of your dreams in this fantastic spot. If you have ever wondered why people have been heading over to Hartland for their new home, keep reading to see the factors that make Hartland one of Northern Virginia’s most sought-after communities.

Where is Hartland?

Hartland is located just west of Dulles International Airport, and it’s right in the middle of wine country. The area is within driving distance of a few parks, and it is close to many different schools that are highly rated. The closest city is nearby Aldie which has plenty of shopping, restaurants, and all the amenities you need. 

Why are people choosing Hartland?

Hartland is full of beautiful homes on large lots, and it’s in a fantastic location. You are surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery that Northern Virginia has to offer, and you have plenty of nearby amenities that make it easy to stay close to home. 

Hartland is zoned for single-family homes only, and it includes about 800 acres that will eventually include 775 homes. The plots will likely range between 1/4 of an acre to a full acre when the development is complete. The city has several builders who are building in the area, and there will be plenty of different home styles that range from Craftsman to Farmhouse, so you can find a home in Hartland that suits your aesthetic. 

What kind of amenities are in Hartland?

One of the best things about planned communities like Hartland is the amenities that make it easy to stay close to home. Hartland is full of great features for its residents to enjoy that go beyond the basic amenities you would find in other communities. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones that will soon be available.

Fitness Center and Sports Courts

The Harland House community gathering center is in the process of being built, but when it is completed, it will feature a fitness room, a pool, and a kid zone for your little ones to hang out in. They are also in the process of building fantastic sports courts, which will include places for you to get in a game of tennis, pickleball, basketball, and even volleyball before you head back home. 

Swimming Pool 

A swimming pool has been planned for the center of the community so that everyone can enjoy it together. The swimming pool will be a great place to go to spend a day in the sun with family and friends.

Natural Areas to Explore

If you are a nature lover, don’t worry about going too far to get a taste of the great outdoors. Plenty of incredible nature trails are planned for the area so you can explore at your leisure. You can also bring your furry friends along and let them play at the soon-to-be-built off-leash dog park. 

Farm Fresh Food

You don’t need to go any further than your doorstep to find some fantastic farm-fresh food. Hartland has partnered with the local Willowsford Farms to bring fresh veggies to your door with their subscription service. You can also venture over to the amazing Willowsford Farm stand to get some fresh baked goods or grab a bite to eat from one of the visiting food trucks. 

Coffee Time

Many of us need that sweet taste of coffee to start our day right, and the residents of Hartland love the great brews they can get at Maggie’s Coffee shop. Leave your wallet at home and grab some of the complementary coffee or tea at Maggie’s Coffee shop. 

Stay Connected

With great wifi connections all over the neighborhood and car charging stations for your electric car, you can be sure you stay connected and charged wherever you are. This is perfect for anyone that needs a sturdy connection for work or entertainment. 

The Low HOA Fees 

People have been looking at Harland for their new home for many different reasons. The HOA fees are under $300 per month, and you get access to so many amazing things, including high-speed internet and all of the community-planned events. The fees also go toward keeping the neighborhood looking perfect and pristine so you can be proud of where you live. 

The nearby schools (Elaine Thompson Elementary School, Mercer Middle School, and John Champe High School) are rated very well, and residents love the family-friendly atmosphere. The amazing location makes it perfect for anyone who wants to live in a relaxing and serene environment with access to everything you need. New homes are being built all the time so contact the Hartland visitors center to take a tour of some of their model homes so you can see for yourself what it’s like to live in this fantastic community.

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