How to Choose a Storage Company in New York


There has been a growing need for storage services over the last couple of years. That explains why you may be suddenly seeing storage facilities all over the place.

So, what exactly are people stashing away in storage?

Well, plenty.

It ranges from backpacks that owners are looking to stow away for a night (or two) as they evaluate their housing options, to vehicles and motorcycles that they need to stow away for this reason or the other.

Why use Storage Services?

One of the most common reasons many find the need to use a reliable storage company is to offset the stress of moving. There are many moving scenarios which could prompt the use of self-storage service.

For instance, when you need to move house by a certain date but the closing date is pushed to a later date, and it wouldn’t make sense to move twice.

Others hire storage units when staging a home and need to keep some items away during the selling process.

There are those who simply want to make more room at home, a common reason in this Marie Kondo era when more and more people are looking to declutter their spaces in the spirit of Less is more.

A storage unit can also be handy when downsizing, or conversely, consolidating homes when moving in together with a partner or aging parent.

Storage services also cater to businesses, not just homes, with commercial clients ranging from carpenters and contractors, to real estate agents and retail shop owners, antique and book dealers, you name it.

The reasons for using storage services are never-ending.

Choosing a Storage Firm

Now, while there is no shortage of companies in New York City that provide storage services, don’t fall into the common pitfall of selecting the first provider you come across or the one who promises you the lowest rates. Storage companies are not equal.

To ensure you choose the right fit for you, there are several things you need to think about when evaluating your options.


When choosing a storage facility, ideally you want one that is conveniently located. That’s particularly so if you are planning to visit the facility on a regular (depending on what you’re storing).

If that’s the case, opt for a provider closer to you. New York is a large city, and if you need to access your items twice a day, you don’t want a facility that’s located 1.5 hours away.

If you don’t plan to access the storage unit regularly, this affords you more freedom to choose facilities that are farther out, more so if the nearby ones don’t come cheap.

Opening times

Speaking of accessibility, facilities have different opening and closing times, not to mention terms to adhere to and regulations to observe.

Some storage facilities provide 24-hour access while others only grant access during regular business hours.

Obviously, you want to choose a facility that is more suited to your needs. If you need to access your items at 11pm at night, going with a company that restricts access past 8pm doesn’t make sense.

Don’t forget to check weekend opening hours as well, as some facilities could be closed or have different operating hours.

What’s more, sometimes you might want to access the facility at short notice, so check on what terms the facility provides emergency access – can they open for extra time beyond their regular hours and if so, what charge would this attract?


Speaking of charge, as with every other service, different NYC storage firms offer different rates.

Similarly, as with everything else, low cost does not automatically mean the best service. Oftentimes, the low rate might be at the expense of something else – like access times, or location, or security – so don’t base your decision solely on pricing.

A lot of NYC companies have attractive introductory offers to lure customers, but remember to check the price rates and T&Cs for when this discount window expires to avoid being caught in unwanted circumstances that you totally overlooked.

Size and suitability

This may seem obvious, but it’s important that you choose a facility capable of accommodating the items you want to keep in storage.

If you intend to store more items some time in future, you also want to be sure that your unit can hold everything comfortably, or that there’s room for extra units if need be.


Security is an absolutely vital aspect when evaluating storage companies. You want a company you can trust with your most valuable items.

So, enquire about the security measures they have in place, whether that be a good fence and/or around-the-clock monitoring through CCTVs or guards (or both). Moreover, understand how entry to the facility is gained – is it through a PIN code or manned reception?

Lastly, ask about the security of the unit itself. How sturdy are the unit’s doors and how well are they – and the unit in general – secured?

Mull over these important factors before you get into any contract.



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