Elpunked Explains About The Services Expected Of Commercial Electricians

We Spoke with electrician Experts from Norway Elpunked from https://www.elpunkt.no/elektriker/ About the different ways that you should and need to use a commercial electrician. Service leader Jan Roger Angelsen filled us in with this valuable advice.


“For the past few years, man has used electricity as a platform for running business activities. Commercial contractors have played a major role in establishment of premises to carry out these activities.”

“I de siste årene har mannen brukt strøm som en plattform for å drive forretningsaktiviteter. Kommersielle entreprenører har hatt en stor rolle i etableringen av lokaler for å gjennomføre disse aktivitetene.”

Here are the services to offer:

Thorough electrical maintenance

All electrical companies offer maintenance services but few do it thoroughly. As a commercial builder, you should look for an electrical company highly accredited in maintenance. Apart from just checking cables, the electricians should be able to carry out effective fault diagnosis. They should be able to determine the nature and cause of any electrical defects in the shortest time period. Nevertheless, the electricians should always perform routine servicing on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure smooth running of equipment.

3 Phase Power handling


This polyphase system is most commonly used by electrical grids to transfer power. It uses less conductor material, and is very economical compared to other power systems. Therefore, it is essential for the electrical contractor to be able to handle it properly in order to save costs. The electricians also need to be well-equipped to handle sensitive transformer connections and alternating power circuits. They need to regulate the generation and distribution of the AC currents appropriately for efficiency of the system.

Proper electrical installation

Though electrical installation is fundamental, it is rarely done properly. A proper initial installation will prevent future breakdowns in the system. A good electrical contractor should be able to not only install lighting and switches, but also data and network cables. They should be able to carry out an entire building’s wiring, which would be easy to locate in times of diagnosis or upgrades. Apart from power sockets, they should accompany them with Ethernet ports for intranet or internet purposes.

Effective energy management

Sustainability has become a key factor in lowering costs and driving efficiency throughout an organization. Good electrical contractors should assure and aspire saving energy. They should be able to carry out effective power factor corrections to prevent loss of energy to any power surges. Green wiring such as solar panel installation is definitely an added advantage. The contractor should be able to offer state of the art power regulation, by installing regulators on all electrical components.

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