Creative Ideas For High Traffic Areas In Office Spaces



The modern workplace is evolving, with open-plan office spaces becoming increasingly popular. Gone are the days of cramped cubicles and private offices. With more employees in a shared space, these high-traffic areas must be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Browse the collection on LVT flooring; this is the perfect solution for any office space as it is durable and low maintenance. We have compiled a list of creative ideas to help keep high-traffic areas in office spaces fun and exciting while still providing adequate functionality and durability.

1. Create A Social Space

A social space can make a significant difference in the overall morale of employees. It provides them with somewhere to relax and get away from their workstations. Employees can gather in these spaces for breaks, lunch, and more. Comfortable seating options, such as couches, armchairs, and coffee tables, can make the room cozy. You can also consider adding games like ping pong tables, foosball tables, or board games. These unique features will make employees feel more relaxed and increase their productivity.

2. Utilize Plants

Adding plants to your high-traffic area can be a unique and inexpensive way to add a touch of nature to the workspace. Plants are known to reduce employee stress levels, increase productivity, and even purify the air. Choose plants that are easy to care for, such as succulents and snake plants. It can be an excellent way to fill space and create a cheerful atmosphere.

3. Use Color Combinations

Color affects the mood and energy levels of employees in an office space. Consider using bright and bold colors to create an exciting and fun environment. For example, you could paint an accent wall boldly or use vibrant and colorful furniture. However, avoid using too many colors as it can become overwhelming and distract your employees from their work. Instead, use two to three complementary colors to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

4. Incorporate Artwork

Artwork is the perfect way to add character and personality to your high-traffic areas. You can use artwork to showcase your company’s identity, values, and culture. Consider using murals, paintings, or photographs on the walls. You could also display sculptures or artwork on shelves and tables. Artwork can warm and engage your space while giving your employees a relaxed mind.

5. Use LVT Flooring

When considering high-traffic areas in office spaces, it’s vital to consider the durability of your flooring. LVT flooring is the perfect flooring choice for all office spaces. It is durable and easy to maintain, ideal for high-traffic areas. The advanced technology in this flooring type gives it a realistic look, ensuring that your space is stylish and functional. It comes in many styles and colors, so you can find the one that works best for your space. Consider using these in your reception area or lobby space, where visitors are often welcomed.

6. Modernize With Technology

Technology has become an integral part of the modern workplace. Integrate technology into your high-traffic areas to stay current and improve employee functionality. For example, you could add charging stations, electric screens, and audio systems. These features can make your space more productive and efficient while keeping up with the latest office trends.

7. Comfortable Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the ambiance of a workspace. It can help uplift mood, reduce stress, and improve employee performance. Natural lighting is always best. Still, you can use bright and warm artificial lighting if that is impossible. You could also add intelligent lighting systems that can be adjusted to suit individual needs. It’s essential to use a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create the right balance and feel.


In conclusion, your high-traffic areas are essential to your workspace. They should be functional, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Use the right flooring, utilize plants, incorporate art, and modernize with technology. Create a social space, add appropriate lighting, and utilize color combinations in your design. These ideas are fantastic ways to transform a mundane space into a vibrant and functional hub for employees. So, explore applying these ideas to your area to make a difference.


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