Create a cool, full of life office space with these simple design ideas


An office space needs a proper design so that it inspires the workforce behind it to do their best every day and to maintain a high level of productivity.  That’s easier said than done for many businesses looking to freshen up their Corporate Suites appearance, but with the help of a couple of simple design ideas, any office space can become a welcoming environment that promotes positivity and efficiency.

Windows, or what to do when you don’t have them

Having windows is pretty important and they do a lot of work in an office space. Natural light is one of the best ways to illuminate a room in a fresh and non-distracting way. However if you’re in a position where your office space doesn’t have windows and your workforce is left staring at blank walls, don’t fret. There’s no need to relocate just because of this inconvenience.

All you have to do is replace the natural spotlight the windows would have provided with an artistic piece or something refreshing. Consider mounting beautiful flower pots on tiny, artistic shelves, or even having a fish tank installed in order to provide a nice dynamic.

Use art to maintain a soothing interaction between co-workers

Business meetings can be pretty rough when tense subjects are discussed. While the subject matter might be very serious, there’s no need for tempers to be lost. However that often is the case due to an improper use of office space. Make sure that your office space includes a lot of artwork of soothing pieces. It’s important that the overall vibe in the office is one of peace and calm, because it will translate in how interactions occur, even in business meetings.

Don’t let the ceiling be unused creative place

Artistic pieces and natural muses are great but there’s only so much room on your office walls before you have to call it quits with the enthusiastic decoration. However, the office does not end with the walls. Consider using the ceiling for creative purposes, more specifically hanging a beautiful chandelier or illumination piece. There’s a lot of originality in a good looking ceiling piece. It can add quite the zing to your office’s appearance, but make sure you aren’t using lights that pun a tiring spin on your office’s lighting.

Using bright colors

We’ve mentioned that you need to be careful with the kind of lighting you are using, but you also need to have a great color palette to begin with. You can do this by using bright colors for your walls and art pieces. Make sure that the two elements go well together in terms of tone and that overall they are adding to a bright ensemble. People visiting your office space or business associates will immediately find a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

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