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It’s easy to assume that building a commercial structure is the same as building a residential one, but on a much grander scale. You might even think that you can call upon the same tradespeople you used to develop your dream home. However, commercial building projects can require people with far more skills and a great deal more planning. Before your next major development gets underway, take a moment to consider how important the following experts can be. 



A commercial electrician Brisbane commercial property developers rely on can generally provide a much more comprehensive range of services than a residential electrician. Residential electricians can install the wiring for a brand new home, troubleshoot problems, and make repairs, but commercial electricians can generally do much more. 

Most experienced commercial electricians can provide electrical CAD drawings, create custom control boards, manage hazardous area work, and even perform thermal imaging. These services are generally not required in the residential sector. 



Builders are valuable additions to commercial building project teams, but residential builders may not be the most appropriate choice. Commercial builders are registered practitioners with the skills and qualifications required to work on class 2-9 buildings and structures and class 10B buildings, classified within the Building Code of Australia. 

Not all commercial builders are qualified for all commercial building works. Some have unlimited access to building tasks, and others are limited to specific jobs like waterproofing, steel erection, low-rise building works, and non-structural fit-out work. 



Plumbers are highly skilled tradespeople who are more than capable of installing plumbing infrastructure and managing its maintenance and repairs. However, commercial plumbers are typically able to perform a more comprehensive range of services than domestic plumbers. 

Commercial plumbers work in larger buildings with more occupants and deal with more complex plumbing systems on a grander scale. They are also required for maintenance and inspections, which is often not a requirement of residential plumbers.    


Geotechnical Engineers

Even before building works get underway, commercial development owners may need to hire geotechnical engineers to make sure their building plans are even feasible. Geotechnical engineers conduct ground tests to learn about bearing capacity, lateral spread, and other crucial natural elements that may impact a high-rise building’s structural strength. Once they perform their tests, they develop a report with vital parameters for footings and foundations that structural engineers can use to create a building plan. 


Civil Engineers

While many consultants are called upon for their expertise in commercial building projects, civil engineers are undoubtedly one of the most important. Their job is to design roads, stormwater disposal systems, retaining walls, and other crucial elements that may require a significant amount of earthworks. They are also called upon for bridge design and construction, railways, tunnels, and large buildings like airports and hospitals. With their assistance, you can determine what measures you need to put in place and the parameters you must work within for structural integrity and safety. 


Commercial building projects can be complicated, and a wide range of experts can be required to succeed. With the assistance of these experts above, you may stand the best chance of success on your next significant development project.




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