Adding Value and Saving Time: How to Sell your Commercial Property Quickly



While we may all have creative ideas when attempting to add value to a residential home (or at least push through an expeditious sale), selling a commercial property can be a far more challenging pastime. After all, buyers have a different set of goals when purchasing commercial real estate, while you will also be dealing with a smaller target market as the majority of entrepreneurs look to lease premises on a short-term basis.

How to increase the Value of your commercial property


If you are to increase the value of your commercial outlet and sell it in an expeditious manner, you will need to keep the following points in mind at all times:

Partner with a professional house sale organisation to drive your transaction

Time is money so the saying goes, and there is little point in optimising the appeal of your commercial space if you cannot sell it quickly. Depending on your growth needs and the constraints of the real-time market, it may be wise to partner with the quick house sale specialists – Open Property Group, who can manage the process and drive efficiency. You can sell your commercial property in days with this type of organisation, reducing costs and optimising profits in the process.

Focus on optimising space and storage

If your property is to wow buyers and optimise is value, you will need to present it as a functional and viable space. By adopting a minimalist approach and creating the illusion of space (while also incorporating as much storage as possible), you will help buyers to visualise themselves operating at the premises. This also increases the value proposition of your commercial space, as it enables buyers to purchase as large and as functional a property as their budget allows.

Create an open-plan layout


The modern workforce is far more flexible and fluid than in previous generations, and this is reflected by the offices in which employees operate. With companies increasingly keen to drive collaboration and unity, we have seen a decrease in telecommuting and a rise in the number of open-plan workspaces where people can easily congregate.

With this outlook in mind, it is important that you create commercial premises that are as open and accessible as possible, such as the breathtaking Apple stores. Partitions and barriers should be removed prior to listing the property for sale, while desks should be aligned to empower collaboration. This will not only establish your property as a relevant and popular concern, but it will also enable you to charge as high a premium as possible.

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