3 beds Chalet Bobadilla Estacion, Malaga                              

  • 1
  • 3

This single storey Chalet style Villa property is located in the village of Bobadilla de estacion close to the local amenities and...

EUR 64,950 SEE more >>

2 beds Chalet Antequera, Malaga                                       

  • 1
  • 2

This Chalet style property is located in the historical town of Antequera , just a short walk from the property to the center of t...

EUR 64,950 SEE more >>

3 beds Town House Fuente de Piedra, Malaga                           

  • 2
  • 3

This 3 storey property is located in the heart of the pretty village of Fuente de Piedra famous for the flamingo lake and walking ...

EUR 65,000 SEE more >>

3 beds Chalet Humilladero, Malaga                                    

  • 1
  • 3

This Chalet style property is located in the village of Los Carvajales just a short drive from the famous town of Fuente de Piedra...

EUR 82,000 SEE more >>

3 beds Cortijo Mollina, Malaga                                       

  • 1
  • 3

This large rustic property sits on the outskirts of the popular town of Mollina with all the local amenities shops, bars and resta...

EUR 62,000 SEE more >>

3 beds Town House Iznajar, Cordoba                                    

  • 1
  • 3

Situated in an elevated position in the Village of Cruz de Algaida close to the town of Iznajar in the region of Cordoba this 3 b...

EUR 89,995 SEE more >>

4 beds Town House Villanueva de Algaidas, Malaga                     

  • 2
  • 4

This townhouse sits in La Atalaya a popular town with village stores close by and and several bars within walking distance of the ...

EUR 89,000 SEE more >>

3 beds villa Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria                           

  • 2
  • 3

Property Type - Buenaventura Availability - Completed This charming three-bedroom Town House is based on the precise shapes of t...

EUR 0 SEE more >>

3 beds Cortijo Martos, Jaen                                          

  • 1
  • 3

Found in the pretty hamlet of Venta de Pantalones, Martos a semi-reformed 3 bed cortijo. On entering the property you have a larg...

EUR 39,000 SEE more >>

2 beds Town House Alcala la Real, Jaen                              

  • 1
  • 2

This two double bedroom townhouse is situated in the Village of Ribera Alta, close to the historical town of Alcala la Real in the...

EUR 52,000 SEE more >>

Homesgofast.com have been putting owners selling Spanish homes together with local and Expat buyers since 2002. Our most popular regions for overseas buyers looking for the cheapest possible properties in Spain include Almeria, Cadiz, Costa Del Sol, Costa Malaga, Murcia, Canary and Balearic Islands. Holiday resort towns like Mijas Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella, Puerto Banus and Estepona have seen the most buyer enquiries. 

Hot Locations For Bargain Real Estate in Spain

The Spanish town of Estepa located off the A92 highway, above Malaga in Andalucia has grown in popularity with British buyers searching for houses below 60,000 Euros. 4 bed Townhouses located in the pretty village of Estacion de Archidona just a short drive to the larger towns of Archidona and Villanueva de Algaidas can be bought for less than 50,000 Euros. Whilst small 3 bed houses in Alcaudete, Jaen are on sale from as low as 30,000 Euros.

A Guide to Buying Cheap Property in Spain

If you are dreaming to buy cheap Spanish property near the beach for your retirement life or looking for a Spanish property for sale by owner for investment purposes, here is all you need to know about Spanish property bargains.

Cheap Spanish Property Repossessions

At a point in Spanish real estate market where property demand and prices are rising, cheap Spanish property repossessions make a great deal of sense as the price for a bank repossessed property is substantially lower when compared to the actual market value. Cheap Spanish property repossessions protect you against the stress of negative equity because it is highly unlikely that bank repossessed property is going to have a lesser value than what you pay for it. At HomesGoFast.com, you can find all sorts of bank repossessed properties in Spain ranging from small apartments to large villas. In Spain, there is a simple and fast process to complete cheap Spanish property repossessions in less than a month. Buying a bank repossessed property in Spain means that you will always get all the required documentation as banks ensure that essential paperwork is organized and updated. Cheap Spanish property repossessions mean you can get a mortgage on favourable lending terms directly from the bank selling the house and the price will be fixed so you always know the final cost of the purchase. 

Cheap Spanish Property near Beach

The coastal areas of Spain are equally famous for native residents of Spain as well as expatriates. Buying cheap Spanish property near beach for your retirement life allows you to enjoy three main benefits including sun, sea, and sangria. As compared to properties near the beach in other countries, it is pretty much affordable to spend your retirement life in a house or apartment overlooking the Mediterranean coast of Spain. In addition to that, buying cheap Spanish property near beach is also a good investment considering the fact that influx of tourists towards the beaches in Spain has been increasing every year and consequently the demand for rental properties during the holiday season has also increased significantly. Moraira, Benissa, Xàbia, Calp, and Torrevieja, are some of the popular areas of Spain that you should consider for searching and buying cheap Spanish property near beach. HomesGoFast.com allows you to conveniently search for cheap Spanish property near the beach.  

Spanish Property Bargains

If you are looking for property abroad Spain offers some stunning property bargains, some really affordable properties can be found in Orihuela. Both Orihuela and Torrevieja are highly popular because of their easy reach ability. You may find new constructions with a modern architecture however slightly old houses offer a better opportunity for Spanish property bargains. Calpe is a dazzling fishing village and has surfaced as a strong option for Spanish property bargains during the recent months. You may also consider Pinoso to look for some great Spanish property bargains. It is a traditional village situated within the inlands of Alicante. You can buy property there to enjoy your retirement in a house with a beautiful view of the mountains as property in all these areas would serve as a strong investment. You can easily earn great rental income as the demand for rental property in Spain has been increasing with the increasing number of tourists heading to Spain every year.

Property under 20k Spain

There are a number of different options where you can look to find a property under 20k in Spain. You can conveniently find a property under 20k in Spain in the metropolises and towns that are located in the interior part of the country. In the peaceful regions of Spain such as La Rabita, Ventas Del Carrizal, Campo Nubes, Martos, Algueña, Castillo de Locubin, Andalucia, Alcaudete, you can easily find Spanish property for sale by owner under 20k. And at HomesGoFast.com, you will experience an even more convenient way of searching for properties within your desired region and price range. It provides you with the advanced search option where you can set your desired price range to look for the best Spanish property bargains within your budget. 

Property for Sale in Spain under 30,000 Euros

For a perfect retirement life with warm sunshine even in January and recreational golf, Spain is proving to be an ideal destination to spend your post-retirement life. It is a country with a mix of traditional and modern architecture and advanced healthcare. Considering it has been a preferred destination for most expatriates, you will find Brits all around Spain. Deciding where to buy a property in Spain could be a difficult task. Regardless of choice of location, you can easily buy a townhouse or an apartment in Spain under 30,000 Euros. HomesGoFast.com allows you to search for all kinds of the properties available within your budget so you can get the best Spanish property bargains. For those looking to settle down or invest in a property, there are properties with beautiful mountain views and Moorish sights such as the Alhambra. Considering that property prices in Spanish real estate markets are witnessing a rising trend.

Spanish Property for Sale by Owner

HomesGoFast.com is a highly recommended place where you can look for the best Spanish property bargains as it does not involve a real estate agent and directly offers Spanish property for sale by Owner. This allows you to save a great deal of money that you need to pay in case you buy a property in Spain through a real estate agent. HomesGoFast.com offers a great range of Spanish property for sale by owner. You can search for the type of property you want in your desired area within your budget and you will be directly connected to the seller.  Spain is a preferred retirement destination because of the warm sunshine, a relaxed lifestyle, and cheap Spanish property bargains. Also, the Spanish government supports expatriates to invest in the Spanish real estate market, which means there are no strict regulations for foreigners when it comes to buying property in Spain. You can easily buy all kinds of properties, including residential and commercial properties as well as land.

Saving Money Buying Property in Spain

The credit crunch of 2008 caused Spain’s property prices to crash, with the market only beginning to recover in 2014. Thanks in part to strong economic growth in recent years, a total of 465,000 properties were sold in 2017 – a 15pc increase on the previous year.

According to Spanish bank BBVA, house prices in the country are forecast to rise by 5pc in 2018; rental prices, too, are growing at double-digit rates. Major cities such as Barcelona, Palma and Madrid are reaching record-high average rental prices, as more and more homes go up for sale. (source Telegraph

Bank repossessed property in Spain

E&G Solicitors in Spain specialise in Spanish property purchase and sales they advise that you should never assume that you can navigate Spain’s complex national and regional property laws on your own.  The Internet may be a great way to start window-shopping for your ideal property, but you will need professional reassurances from surveyors and legal advisors that the purchases you are making are sound. Many property agents in Spain may tell you that it will be quicker and cheaper for you to realise your dream property by circumventing additional checks, but it could also see you rushing into an unsuitable and unnecessary purchase.

Do seek independent legal advice when buying a property in Spain. In the UK it is effectively a prerequisite for any real estate transaction to contact someone who is knowledgeable and authorised to carry out a conveyance; buying property in Spain should be no different, especially if it helps to safeguard your initial financial investment.

Do ask your legal adviser to ensure that any debt associated with the property is cleared and any charges removed from the property register prior to the property being registered in your name.  This includes debts in relation to community fees and utility supplies.  This is a fundamental step that ought to be taken by any legal adviser with any experience in property anywhere in the world, but you ought to be aware of it.

Best ways to transfer money to Spain

To transfer money to Spain, there are a variety of options available to you, but not all available options offer a good deal. The best deal on transferring money is one that offers convenience, cost-effectiveness, and speed of delivery. Thus, the best option will be one that offers the lowest cost on a transfer without compromising other benefits. Learn more Money transfers To Spain

Where else to find Spanish property bargains

We offer an exclusive network for owners and agents to advertise bargain Spanish properties for free. You can also find some great deals on Spanish real estate. Our most popular is Facebook Group is at Spain Property.

You will also find Spanish properties listed by motivated sellers offering property at below market value at Spanish Property Sales,

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